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Radeon VII Stock Voltage and Ryzen 3950X

Has anyone else experienced issues with the stock voltage on the Radeon VII being too low when combined with a Ryzen 3 CPU? I had this GPU in an EVGA X99 system with Intel I7-6850K and the stock voltage was fine. I was able to overclock on games. Very stable system. This was up to Adrenalin 20.3.1 before moving to the new case.

I have since built a new system. Asrock X570 Creator with Ryzen 3 3950X. The PSU on both systems is an EVGA Supernova 850 Platinum. I initially used the Adrenalin 20.3.1 but have moved to 20.4.1. I was getting random crashes to black screen with some gaming that was not overclocked, and even just viewing YouTube or playing video with MPC-HC. Windows Event Viewer reported it was the Radeon software as the culprit. I bumped the stock voltage slightly higher buy about 0.03 volts and the system seems stable again.

I'm curious if this could be some combination of the Asrock motherboard and the Ryzen 3950X being PCIe Gen 4 even though the GPU is Gen 3. Or just that this system needs a slightly higher voltage.

Any thoughts welcomed. I am putting this out in the event someone else encounters something similar. Bumping stock voltage is a simple fix for a really annoying problem.