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R7 240 unstable drivers

R7 240(googling around found some other folks with similar issues when it came to the R7 200 series)


I recently acquired an R7 240, since my previous GPU died on me. This isn't my first rodeo when it comes to installing GPUs, as per usual I used DDU to install drivers, then installed the latest drivers (Adrenaline). I tried some overclocking but no dice.

After some extensive gaming, or even sometimes randomly throw a red screen or Windows blue screen (something with atikmdag.sys I believe), and freeze the whole pc. My natural conclusion was that the driver installation went badly, so I ran DDU again in safe mode, installed the latest drivers (not beta), and the problem still persisted. My next assumption was maybe temps, but that was not the case, especially since the card is passive cooled and I have a fan fitted right next right it. So now I thought maybe the card itself is unstable at its factory clock. I tried upping the power limit to +20%, still no dice. Then again using DDU I uninstalled the drivers. Now I installed drivers that are a bit older, listed down here.

Radeon Settings Version - 2017.0424.2119.36535

Driver Packaging Version - 17.10.1731-170424a2-313676E-WU-Template-1710

Now everything is perfectly stable, even managed to get a pretty good overclock, temps never go over 45c

Anyway, I just wanted to ask, should I report this to somewhere, or is anyone else experiencing a similar problem.