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Powercolor Red Devil RX 5700 XT Power

Hi Guys

From previous posts some of you may know that i am upgrading a PC i bought a couple of weeks ago. The first thing i wanted to upgrade was the Power Supply as at the moment it has a 500w PSU which wouldn't be enough for the Graphics Card i am wanting to get. Anyway i bought a Corsair RM650 Gold thinking it would be enough power for a RX 5700 XT but looking at the Red Devil by Powercolor they say it requires 700w. I have my heart set on the Red Devil but don't want to be spending more on a PSU especially as the shop doesn't accept returns which i should of checked. I have also looked at the AMD Radeon Nitro + which says 650w is ok but was really set on the Red Devil. Do any of you know if the 650 Gold will be ok for the Red Devil ?. Any help or advice greatly appreciated. I dont have any high power usage items in the PC. The CPU is a 5600G and it has a 520GB NVmE Drive and a 1tb Sata HDD and has 5 Case Fans plus RGB Lighting, oh ans 32gb RAM. Thought i best check to be on the safe side. Thanks

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It is enough. Differences between wattage (when talking about sale GPU from different brands) are mostly due to how far particular GPU is overclocked and how much "just to be sure" overhead manufacturer feels is needed

Thanks for the reply, my Corsair PSU has just arrived and will be getting installed tomorrow. I have just received an offer for a MSI RX 5700 XT so am not sure wether to go for the Red Devil or the MSI Gaming X. Decisions Decisions lol, some reviews are saying Red Devil and others the Gaming X so not sure but it's good to know my new PSU is ok for the Red Devil so Thanks. Just to add i don't usually Overclock so it will remain as Stock. Thanks Again.


Red Devil is factory overclocked

Reference 5700XT vs. Red Devil:       

Boost           1905 MHz / 2010 MHz
Gameclock  1755 MHz / 1905 MHz
Baseclock    1605 MHz / 1770 MHz

And the reason for different PSU requirement is, pushing GPU clockspeeds require more watts. Your PSU can run those GPU's, but there isn't really room for overclocking or running some power hungry CPU at the same time. I have 750W PSU, but I run my GPU undervolted, but with raised powerlimit from Radeon software. This way it runs cooler, creates remarkably less noise and performance is good. Depending on your CPU, you might undervolt that too. PBO might get you higher average FPS, but if you look at benchmarks, low 1% is often lower. At least in my case, cooler CPU with lower voltage and all-core OC offers more stable framerate.

EDIT: Forgot to add this link.,8.html 

According to this site, they recommend a 600W PSU for 5700XT.

Like i said i Have a Corsair RM 650w Gold which a lot of people say is more than enough and having looked at quite a few charts and graphics some say a 550w would be more than enough. I am now not sure what to do, i don't want to be buying a new PSU and don't really want to be buying a different graphics card instead of the RX 5700 XT. I will look around and maybe forced to switch to Nvidea which don't seem as power hungry. I will have to look more into it though i am a bit fed up using the graphics of the 5600G.


Just a quick update. I have decided to buy The RX 5700 XT Red Devil infact i just bought it. I won't be Overclocking and after reading pages and pages of things i would say that 90% of the things i have read and watched say a 650w PSU is more than enough. If it struggles i will just have to get a bigger one, probably a 800 - 850w which seems a bit Overkill for a Graphics Card to me. I bought the PSU because i had it in my mind to get the RTX 1660 Ti but then saw the 5700 but by then i had bought the PSU. Just noticed the length of the Red Devil and didn't realise it was over 300mm so hoping that won't cause any issues lol. My case looks big enough though. Thanks for the help and advice, i will try and keep you all updated with how it goes.


I dont't expect you to encounter any issues with PSU size running 5700XT even if you did overclock. Besides your CPU is not very powerhungry. In general though, I would recommend always buying oversized PSU'a as oversized PSU's run PC's effortlessly and without much heat or noise produced. Also a powerfull enough PSU can be used ten years easily and you never know how much power your next system needs.

I got best results out of 5700XT by slightly undervolting and then increasing Power tuning setting about 10%. In my case, I was not able to OC VRAM much at all... Bad luck in silicon lottery.

Adept II

Card is using NO more than 225W at 100%. Even 500W PSU will be kind of ok. Now with 650 especially Corsair - you will not have any problems. ( i have the same spec) 

Have fun! 

I ended up getting a 750w PSU after finding the Corsair 650w didn't turn on. The 750 is still a Gold rated one and works great since i fitted both the PSU and the Graphic Card last night. Not getting very good FPS and think that might be down to the CPU. It's a weird one though as the Adrenalin Software says 60 FPS and other FPS Apps are saying 200+ on the same game so don't really know what to think. I might get a Ryzen 3600 or the 5600X can't decide though.


If Corsair 650W doesn't power up 5600G + 5700XT there is something wrong, but great if it works now. 

"Here is our power supply recommendation:

  • Radeon RX 5700 - On your average system we recommend a 500 Watt power supply unit.
  • Radeon RX 5700 XT - On your average system we recommend a 600 Watt power supply unit." Guru3D


"Adrenalin Software says 60 FPS and other FPS Apps are saying 200+ on the same game"

Have you checked windows settings, what your monitors current refreshrate is set to? That can change when you changed GPU - so it can be set to 60Hz.

Also have you checked you connected monitor to GPU and not to motherboard.

Get a 5600X or 5800X3D


Hi, it's set to 60hz and definitely plugged into the GPU. The Motherboard is a cheap Asus A320 M-K so was wandering if it could be that. I have been thinking of getting a new MB as well, this is costing more than i wanted to spend lol. I think the 5600X is definitely and option. I looked at the 5500 but it's the same as what i have but no graphics built in.


Small updates are rarely worth it. If you can get a used 5600X cheap, maybe then.

If you have monitor set to 60Hz and any kind of sync on (VSYNC, Freesync...), it will limit the FPS to 60. What you need is a 120-144Hz monitor with freesync and until then, disable sync.

Adept III

i would avoid the red devil 5700xt..its not a good card IMO. Son had one and i had the Asus strix 5700xt. Never had an issue with the Asus but the red devil was just awful, crashing, black screens. My advice, dont.....

Just to show faith I have a red devil 6900xt which is superb but please avoid 5700xt version


Same problem for Asus and 5x series, i can share the same story. BUT i what i can confirm I never had a problem with Sapphire products..more than 4....


So bad luck with Asus in your case i think

Adept II

I don't think it's the Red Devil that has any issues, i looked it up and watched countless reviews before i went and bought it with the Majority of people saying it's the best RX 5700 XT out there, there are also a lot of haters out there and that's the nature of things. I think it's the 5600G that's struggling with the GPU but i am no expert in the field. Also my Motherboard, the Asus A320M-K could be part of the issue. I think that's why i am replacing both when the cash is available. I didn't realise that Sync affected FPS, i have always turned Vertical Sync off and have just turned of Free Sync to see how it goes.