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Journeyman III

Overall FPS Drop/Stuttering

I have a few questions regarding my pc. I recently bought a new graphics card for my PC as this was in the price range of my budget and from all the good things I have heard about it. I just bought the XFX RX 5600 XT, hearing that it is the "ultimate 1080p card" and that it now has an updated bios along with the drivers. However, I noticed that I haven't really made a big jump frames wise. I was wondering if this was because of my build, or something else? I upgraded from a ASUS RX 560 Strix, 4gb OC edition. Along with the fps dropping, I noticed that I've been receiving more stuttering in games, which is bugging me a lot. 

Games I tested and compared
Escape from Tarkov: RX 560, 20-30 FPS on lowest settings, RX 5600xt 30-40 on lowest
Modern Warfare: RX 560: 40-50 FPS on Medium, RX 5600xt: 60-70 Med-High
Rainbow Six Siege: RX 560: 50-60 FPS Medium, RX 5600xt: 60-70 Med-High. 
NFS Heat: Rx 560: 30-40 FPS lowest, RX 5600xt: 60-70 Med
My current specs are:
AMD FX-8350
MSI 970A Pro Gaming Mobo
Corsair Vengeance DDR316gb 1600mhz ram
EVGA 500w Bronze PSU 
Western Digital 1TB HDD
If you can reach back that would be really helpful :)
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you are 100% cpu bottlenecked.