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Journeyman III

New Msi 6900 XT Black Screen

Hi all. I bought a Msi RX 6900 XT Z Trio card 2 days ago and i'm planning to return it.

Here's the problem. System always goes to black screen and then reset. (sound still exists and then distorts when the screen is black) When i'm watching something, using handbrake, playing a game or doing nothing system goes to black screen and then reset for a while.

Before writing here i made searches from the web and tried every suggestion. Installed latest drivers and then beta drivers, using it with windows' drivers, lowered the voltage from utility, changed the win power settings but nothing changed!

My PC: Amd 5950x, Aorus x470 Gaming 7, G.Skill 2x16gb 3200, Samsung 970 Pro, Asus Rog Thor 850W, Win10

I installed card with 3 8-pin pcie cables (no daisy chain)

What do you think?


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