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Adept I

Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

Dear AMD engineers,

my hw configuration is particular.

I've bought a Mac Pro 7.1 with the Radeon Pro 580X

I've installed Windows 10 Pro and I want to use the Radeon Pro 580X thunderbolt 3 ports with my LG 5Kx2K 10 bit monitor.

My monitor is the model LG 34WK95U-W HDR10/600 compatible

Unfortunately the Radeon Pro 580X has a lot of issues with this monitor and thunderbolt 3 ports. Setting Windows 10 in HDR mode the monitor crashes, I have to unplug the power cord to reboot it. The thunderbolt 3 cable is ok, it's the original one provided by LG. I also tested other brands certified tb3 cables. 

Booting my Mac Pro 7.1 with Windows 10 Pro (bootcamp) the monitor doesn't respond if it's set to Displayport 1.4, I have to set it to Displayport 1.2

After the booting I can force the monitor to run with Displayport 1.4, finally on Windows 10 Pro I can see the HDR option but trying to enable it will crash the LG monitor.

It seems the Radeon Pro 580X isn't compatible with HDR 10 bit option on Windows 10 using the thunderbolt 3 ports.

It's very strange because on MacOS this gpu can display HDR output through the thunderbolt ports on the Apple XDR monitor at 6K 60Hz.

I think the AMD Radeon Pro 580X drivers aren't capable to display 10 bit HDR signal through the thunderbolt 3 on Windows 10.

On the same system I've installed also 2 RTX2080Ti working perfectly with this LG monitor using the displayport cable.

Best regards

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Re: Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

Do you have the latest version of Windows Bootcamp installed?

Here is AMD Bootcamp drivers download: 

Didn't mention which driver version you had installed. This Unofficial Bootcamp Driver site normally has the latest  AMD Driver customized to work in Apple OS computer running Windows Bootcamp: Turbo-charged AMD graphics drivers for Mac BootCamp users. 

Try using the latest and see if it helps any, otherwise I suggest you open an APPLE Support ticket and asked them.


Re: Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

From AMD Specs concerning the Radeon RX580X: 

It shows that it does support Display Port 1.4 HDR.

Found this Apple Support showing the Specs and Resolutions and using Thunderbolt 3.0 for the RX580X GPU card: Use the Radeon Pro 580X MPX Module with your Mac Pro - Apple Support 

Apple mentions that Windows Bootcamp works best with the latest Mac OS installed.


Re: Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

AMD offers the latest drivers as a courtesy for bootcamp. They are Apples drivers not AMD's. Of course yes AMD was involved in making them. They offer no direct support for Mac products. All support comes from Apple exclusively. I highly suggest you contact Apple support with your issue too.

Does it work in Windows if you change it to 4K? I have seen many complaints about Windows and HDR above 4K not working correctly. Apparently MS support is really bad in this area. MS's DRM scheme is really picky and I would not doubt at all if it does not see the thunderbolt port as being DRM compatible thus HDR is not available at any resolution.

You can also ask AMD support this question directly as posting here is only asking other users not AMD support.


Re: Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

At LG Support for your Monitor, it has 3 software that might help with your issue: 

Also have you checked to see if there are any Firmware updates for your LG Monitor?

From your LG Manual concerning Thunderbolt 3 & HDR:

I am aware that you probably have done all this but just in case you missed something. Maybe changing some of the HDR settings on your Monitor may make it work better.

Adept I

Re: Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

amd settings.jpgThank you very much.

Yes, all settings are correct exactly as you shown.
Please, remember my monitor is 21:9 5120x2160 60Hz 10bit HDR.

I've downloaded the LG software on both operating systems, MacOS and Windows 10 Pro (all latest releases).

The LG software says there is no new driver.

The LG True Color software is only to calibrate the display.

The AMD driver is the official one (bootcamp 19.20 december 2019) available on the AMD site.

Using display port 1.4 on Windows 10 Pro (bootcamp) very often the monitor won't boot, I have to manually set it to Displayport 1.2, then I notice several flashing screens and sounds from Windows then it shows the Windows 10 login screen.
After logging in Windows I manually set the input to Displayport 1.4, the monitor flashes several times, I hear several times a sound (windows plug and play sound) then the display shows correctly the Windows desktop.

Now if I try to turn on the HDR option the monitor goes black and stucks, I have to unplug the power cord, set manually the monitor to Displayport 1.2.

Probable causes:

#01 I think the AMD driver doesn't pass correctly the HDR signal through the thunderbolt 3 from the Radeon Pro 580X (on Windows 10) to the LG monitor at 5120x2160 60Hz 10bit HDR.

#02 It can be the LG display doesn't accept 5Kx2K (60Hz 10 bit HDR) from the thunderbolt 3 connection.

If I connect my Nvidia RTX2080Ti with a displayport cable everything is ok, the LG monitor displays the HDR image at 5120x2160 60Hz 10bit.

Adept I

Re: Mac Pro 7.1+Radeon Pro 580X+tb3+Bootcamp+5Kx2K 10bit hdr

my RTX2080Ti works very well at 5120x2160 60Hz 10bit HDR using the displayport cable (Nvidia gpus haven't thunderbolt 3 output).
It's really strange because Apple says the Radeon Pro 580X can handle two Apple XDR (HDR 10 bit) 6K monitors, while on Windows 10 this gpu can't handle just 1 display at 5K in hdr mode.

I don't understand.