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Journeyman III

IS RX6600 xt stable now without issues after the last adrenaline driver ?

I am thinking about buying the RX 6600 XT but i found that some owners had some issues with this card like pc freezing or black screen issues ... Are these issues solved now with new adrenaline drivers ? or the same issues are persisting ?

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Adept II


I don't know why moderators are deleting my comment but here we go again:

Unfortunately, no. The card still have all kinds of issues related to power saving mode (pc reboots when display goes into power saving mode, can't wake from sleep, black screens, driver timeouts etc.) These are specific issues from 6600xt. There is also issues from RDNA 2 architecture itself (stutters and micro freezes on light load GPU games because of deep sleep state)

AMD doesn't even reckognize those as known issues (avoiding a class suit maybe?) and keep themselves in silence just like they are doing with Ryzen 5000 chronic WHEA 18 error and usb connectivity issues on some motherboards chipsets.


Stay sway if you can and buy a NVIDIA equivalent. Or wait for Intel GPUs.


Journeyman III

I purchased the new card and Adrenaline isn't recognizing Microsoft games and in Asphalt 9 I get screen flickers in certain sections of the screen. Tried using HDMI and DPI cables and its still doing the same thing. I'm weary about trying a return because it could possibly be drivers but I did contact the seller because I did see another case like mine where they said it was a hardware issue. But in steam games so far I have seen zero issues other than my gpu utilization sometimes shoots to 100% but temps are still ok and no flickers there. Hoping for the best cuz my new PC is pretty sweet!!!

i5-11600k, 32GB 3600 RAM, XFX RX 6600 Speedster, ASUS mobo, M.2 500 GB, Vertex 3 120 GB SSD, all white build...