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GTA V:Textures pop-ing up (building,roads) ,textures blured.After changing my graphic card.


I have technical issues with my textures: When l drive car my road is a so blur and texture is not normal sometimes l don't see road only grey space under the map.Textures of a buildings don't loading.When l drive car textures of a building or a road getting blured or they just despawn. I am put a settings of my friend and l also had this problem but he doesn't have...I had better PC than his...I got new graphic and on it l had that problem on old one l had that problem only in STORY MOD but on new l also had problem in GTA 5 ONLINE

My System Specs are:

AMD Radeon RX 570 4GB my old graphic witch l don't use antmore is NVIDIA 730 2GB 
Intel Pentium G4400 3.3Ghz

I play game on texture quality very high and all other stuff are on a high except shadow quality.(i tried to play game on lowesst possible graphic and l still have same problem)
I bought new graphic card to play this game with good quality.In GTA getting only 2253 MB of my card.
Can you please tell me how to fix this problem.(My graphic card drivers are up to date and l tried to reinstall windows)

Rockstar support don't helping.

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You should try to reinstall or repair the game. Data loss can cause this kind of problem.

Hello sorry to hear of your issues. The last couple of updates to GTA have really upped the requirements of the game. With less than 16 gigabytes system ram that might be part of the issue. The game loads levels dynamically unlike most games that load a level all at once. This game needs a lot of system ram and this last update that added the casino has pushed many with lesser ram and lesser hardware CPU and GPU in general to now having problems. I can't promise that it isn't a driver related issues but I know I run this game on on 2 machines one has 32 gigs ram and never had a problem. My other had 8 gigs and had run fine with some skipping here and there as you went from area to area, but was not after the last update. I went to 16 and the game is smooth again, glad memory is cheaper again. I don't have your GPU though so I can't be sure that is your problem. You might want to try an older driver version that the last few. They have been optimizing for the new Navi cards later. An older driver may do better for you. Just make sure to do a clean install or run DDU if you decide to regress in drivers.  I can also tell you that Rockstar has never updated the minimum specs for this game since it was released. This game constantly evolves and keeps getting more graphically intensive as it does. So just because a system did work fine is no guarantee it will continue too. I do think your specs should be good enough if you get the system ram up. Regardless many games are now pushing 8 as a minimum, and running at minimums is never good. 

I am reinstalled my windows and l have same problem. Ram is not problem.

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GTA V:Textures pop-ing up (building,roads) ,textures blured.After changing

my graphic card.



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reply on GTA V:Textures pop-ing up (building,roads) ,textures

blured.After changing my graphic card.

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Have you tried an earlier driver yet? And re-installing the game is not a bad idea at all either.

I have reinstalled the whole operative system. I don't know what you mean

when you say earlier driver I don't have the problem with graphics with my

old GT 730 when l installed RX 570 I get that problem and I am properly

after installing graphic card installed drivers for it. And I am regular

installed drivers after reinstalling windows. I think the version of the

drivers is the same but I asked my friend what settings did he use in AMD

Radeon settings and he told me some other settings what l don't have and he

told me he has 17.7 version of drivers (I am not sure right version) and

when I looked I had 19.8.1. He had "RX 570 ARMOR" I have "RX 570 SAPPHIRE"

so there is no big difference.


Drivers are updated all the time. They are universal to the whole product line. Right now the drives are very much concentrating on optimization for NAVI not GCN  Polaris like what you have. An earlier version of the driver may work better for you. Not sure what you are not understanding. There are probably at least 20 to 30 different drivers that have been released for your card. 


I am already tried with 3 different versions and the problem is still the



You have already written that you reinstalled Windows but you should try to install the game on a different disk drive (with different sources if possible). You should also try a different display driver, even if there is low probability. Make sure DX installation is complete with DX Web Installer.

sfc /scannow command can be tried for Windows stability. Virtual RAM size can be increased. You can also try reinstalling Windows from a different source. 
In addition, it is as if your system is trying to run the game with Intel GPU. So go into your system's BIOS, just make sure the graphics are turned on for only PCI.


I only had one SSD.I don't have hard disk.And yes my DX is up to date,i

also have DX Web Installer.Mybe i had problem with AMD Radeon settings.


Start Windows "Device Manager" and go in "Display adapters"...
Is Intel GPU on that list?

How many MB of video memory does the game settings show?


No Intel GPU is not on the list.It's not important how many MB it

shows because

I had same problem when i play all on a low graphic or the ultra graphic.So

changing settings doesn't do ANY CHANGES TO MY PROBLEM.


You have 4GB of video memory and you need to make sure that the game sees it correctly. To make sentences with capital letters is to shout. Why are you shouting? Different display driver and different game (in need of 4GB VRAM) can be tried. Different installation sources can be tried for the operating system and the game. 


In settings of GTA, I see a 4096 MB. I tried to play Fortnite because l

know I need good graphics to play on Epic and I can play it on EPIC in 60

fps. On my old graphic card, I played it on a 50 fps on all at low. I had

only 1 SSD so I can't try the different installation. Sorry for shouting I

didn't mean to shout I was written that mail from my phone so l am locked

letters on capital by accident so sorry for that!

AMD Cleanup Utility | AMD 
Remove the new drivers with the software in this link and try an old driver.
Like this...
Radeon Software Adrenalin Edition 18.3.4 Release Notes | AMD 


This doesn't help me I don't know what can be a problem.


I think the game setup is problematic.


I don't know how I get this problem after upgrading my graphics card.It is

wierd how I don't had same problem on old graphics card.I asked rockstar

support and they gived me usless info then the "Expert" asked me if I wish

from him to scale my ticket to higher level I sad I wish and no one respond

to me after 24h so I went to rockstar suppor site and I saw to my ticket is

marked as resloved but it is not.

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Re: GTA V:Textures pop-ing up (building,roads) ,textures blured.After

changing my graphic card. in Graphics


Remove the game. Install your game from the beginning via the internet. Make sure the game is stable. They closed your ticket because they didn't find it worthwhile. Frankly, I laughed a lot when I first saw your subject. I ask myself what happened to these graphics. I don't know how you got this error. I'm just trying to help by guessing.


Thank you for trying to help me. BDW I don't know how to describe this

issue when I driving the car a whole building just despawn and then after

7-10 sec I see it again I had the same problem with road and grass. I saw

the expression "pop-ing up" on some forums so I that's why I thought I

could describe this error like that. searched and when I saw this problem

on some forums people don't know how to fix this. But it is weird how I can

get this problem after upgrading the graphics card.

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