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Adept I

Does Radeon R7 Support openCL?

Hoping someone can help me. I am trying to use photoshop on my computer and certain aspects (oil paint filter for example) require openCL to be checked on. But I cannot check it. I was told by Adobe, the problem is with my graphics card. Does my card support openCL, and if so, how do I turn it on?

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I believe that all GCN AMD GPU Card and APU Integrated Graphics support OpenCL which is enabled by the AMD Driver.

Post a image of GPU-Z. It should show OpenCL check marked at the bottom of GPU-Z. If it isn't that means your AMD driver is not installed correctly or is corrupted.

Also make sure you have the latest update of your Motherboard's UEFI/BIOS and CHIPSET drivers installed.

Depend which Professional Adobe you are using, you need to go to the program's Hardware Requirements and see what GPUs are compatible with the program.

Many Professional Adobe type programs requires either Professional GPUs or the newest Consumer GPUs to run it.

Adept I

Sorry for the lack of info. I will check on all the drivers, although I think they are all up to date. When I tried check my graphics driver on the amd site, the auto detect download ( would load, and then just cut out, or crash or something.

I am using the basic Photoshop, I think called CC 20. It is the subscription and the most current version.

Graphics Driver Info.gif

PC INfo.jpg

Thanks that helps a lot.

You have a HP Desktop PC correct with a AMD APU A10-8750 with R7 integrated Graphics.

You need to download your AMD Graphic driver from HP since you have an OEM AMD APU from here: HP ENVY 750-100 Desktop PC series Software and Driver Downloads | HP® Customer Support

I would also make sure your HP desktop has the latest BIOS & CHIPSET versions installed.

AMD doesn't have any specific APU Drivers for your OEM (HP) APU Graphcis R7. Not sure if one of their other A10 APUs with R7 Graphics will work on your PC or not from here: 

After all this information, if you are just using the APU's Integrated Graphics R7 WITHOUT a separate Graphic's card installed, then most likely your Integrated Graphics may not be able to run all of Photoshop features.

Here is Photoshop Minimum System Requirements: Photoshop system requirements 

EDIT: Just to add, OpenCL is enabled for your R7 so it should work in Photoshop but the R7 Discrete GPU card is much more powerful than the R7 integrated graphics of your APU.

Adept I

Thank you SO much for your help. I will go through this and see if anything changes it. If not, perhaps my system simply cannot do it, as per the picture from adobe says in their caution statement. I have a laptop with a better separate graphics card installed. It's my gaming system so I don't usually use it for anything else. Had no idea photoshop would need so much. I really appreciate your help.