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Journeyman III

direct purchase

Can't defeat the BOTS, every day I search for AMD graphics products, when they are finally available I go to add them to the cart but I'm confronted with the cannot add item to your cart.  The BOTs are too fast and deplete the inventory and my only option is to pay the scalper on either e-bay or amazon jungle store.  Come on AMD can't you do something about this problem.  I've been trying to by a 6900 XT since it was announced back in Oct.  I've always preferred AMD over NVidia, you are making me feel that you don't care about your customers.  How about a lottery of some type, this situation is crazy.  Extreme times deserve extreme measures or in this case countermeasures


very much disappointed

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Adept I

Re: direct purchase

I couldn't agree more. These bots make it impossible for the regular person to get a card. 

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Journeyman III

Re: direct purchase

why don t do it like evga send a link when its available  

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