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Adept I

7900xtx Low Performance in SteamVR and VR in general

Purchased a 7900xtx at Microcenter on launch.  Just installed it tonight.  Replaced a 6800xt.  I'm running a 5600x CPU.


When my PC boots the bios screen is green.

When I try to play steamvr (The only reason why I upgraded) the performance is terrible.

Using FPSvr I can see that I am all in the green as far as frame time.  Under 6ms.  But I'm hitting reprojection hard and cant maintain above a 70fps on my reverb g2, which runs at 90fps.

If I put the 6800 back in everything is fine.


Did I get a lemon?

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Try another port on your GPU if you havent alyready. Also, have you tried another cable? Seems silly, but maybe that's the issue. 

Community Manager

Thanks for the post. 

Please can you provide a few more details?

  • Motherboard and BIOS version?
  • Display/s used?
  • Type of cable between the graphics card and display?
  • OS Build?
  • Is CSM mode enabled or disable in the BIOS?
  • AMD Driver version?

MB: Aorus x570 elite

bios: F33h

Displays: 55” 120hrz TCL tv, Dell office monitor, HO reverb G2 VR headset

CABLES: HDMI for the TV and Monitor, DisplayPort for the headset.


AMD DRIVER FOR THE 7900x series was installed.

(it has since been reverted back so I can use my 6800xt again.)

Windows 11


I have updated the bios.


Are you running PCIe riser cable?

You'll have to disable CSM to enable Above 4G Decoding and Re-Size Bar to be able to enable SAM in Windows

IF your setup doesn't boot with CSM disabled .. then you'll have to convert your drive(s) from MBR to GPT

Also make sure you have the latest AM4 drivers installed from 

and .. make sure your Windows install is  up to date

and .. make sure you are running separate power cables from your power supply to each power input on your GPU

|5900x w/Noctua NH-D15 2x140mm Fans|x570 Taichi|4x16GB RGB Oloy 3600 CAS16 w/1:1 FCLK|Gigabyte Gaming OC 6800 16GB|HX1200 1200wtt 80 + PLATINUM|Nighthawk Z-RGB Case|8x120mm RGB Fans|Win 11 Pro|

I do use a riser cable.  And currently this card won’t fit without it.

I will look to disable the CSM, what does “Re-Size Bar to enable SAM” mean.  I know what SAM is just not the first part.

For power, each 8-pin should be a completely separate cable?  Don’t use the cable with the two 8 pin?


Though your PCIe riser cable seemed to work ok with  your previous GPU .. it could possibly be a source of issue with your new GPU ..especially if it's not a PCIe 4.0 cable

SAM explained:'s....

Running separate power cables can possibly give you a couple extra FPS as well as stability with "smoother" more consistent power delivery spreading the power load over separate rails

It kinda seems like you're hamstringing yourself in an accumulative way  

|5900x w/Noctua NH-D15 2x140mm Fans|x570 Taichi|4x16GB RGB Oloy 3600 CAS16 w/1:1 FCLK|Gigabyte Gaming OC 6800 16GB|HX1200 1200wtt 80 + PLATINUM|Nighthawk Z-RGB Case|8x120mm RGB Fans|Win 11 Pro|

I disabled CSM, added the The extra power cord.

still getting a green tint on boot up.


Thanks @ThreeDee those are some excellent suggestions. 

The PCIe riser cable may be causing an issue.

Journeyman III

Replying to this in hopes it will help diagnose this issue and my issue is probably relevant/the same.

I upgraded from 6800XT to 7900XTX and the SteamVR performance is much much worse compared to the 6800XT. The frametimes tend to be decent however the experience is very bad, most likely reprojection being enabled/disabled constantly or something. This is with SteamVR and a Reverb G2.

Tried my old HMD (Rift S) and there's no issues (improvement over the 6800XT). Tried SteamVR with Rift S and there's issues again, but not as bad as the Reverb G2.

5800X3D, Asus TUF X570 (bios updated), 16G 3600mhz CL14 ram, latest AMD drivers for each GPU, tried CSM both enabled and disabled, tried DOCP off/on, tried BAR/SAM off/on, reinstalled Windows (a few times), Corsair RM850x.

We are looking into the performance of VR, appreciate your patience. 

I am also experiencing issues. Quest Pro over AirLink OR Virtual Desktop. Upgraded from RTX 3070. Same issues as others, benchmarks, stress tests and 2d games all perform great, no heat problems, great 3dmark scores, RDR2 maxed out 120fps. But my VR games are unplayable, struggles to hit framerates even with lowering settings. Even games where I hit stable 90fps with no reprojection there are stutters, jitters and makes it unplayable. I am glad its on the teams radar and look forward to some improvements.


Are you still looking or did you already gave up??? NO VR FIX in the new patch. Disappointing as F.


I am experiencing the exacts same thing.  I have a G2, went from a 6800xt to a 7900xtx expecting a decent bump in performance and instead I’m getting 60-70 fos even though the frame time is 2-6ms and everything is in the green.

massive reprojection.  I hope it’s fixed soon or I’m going to move to team green.

Adept II

cool down everyone, it takes some time to get a decent driver update...sadly..


Yo.  I spent $1000 on a new GPU and $200 on a new PSU.  I drove 3 hours to a microcenter and stood in line in the cold.  Yes all my choice but the idea that my entire steam vr library is unplayable is unacceptable.

This is so far not been an issue with the 4080.  I'm just saying.

I had a 6950XT with crashing problems running 1440p at 240hz.  AMD support kept telling me it was my system that was the problem.  After dumping a few hundred $$$ more trying to fix a problem that didn't exist with my pc,  I decided to just buy Nvidia.  7 months later they came out with a fix.  I know what I would do if I were you.  Just saying...


Edited:  to be fair, at least they told you they are aware and working on it.  I didn't get that luxury.


should be aware "to be fair" that nvidia has problems too regurlarly , and solving YOUR problem doesn't solves everyone trying to make think nvidia would be a solution ... i had once a 1080ti and outside games it was a pain in the *** because of poor driver quality on other subjects (and a lot of subjects)


Same here. I gave AMD a chance and their just **bleep** on my hand while I reached it, with 1200€. Disappointing.


I'm running Win11 with 7900xtx and HP Reverb G2 headset, and VR is usually working fine for me for the most part. Performance is generally better than the Geforce 1080 GTX I was using before. The main issue I've noticed is the AMD drivers or the graphics card seems to have a conflict between my Acer Predator display and the headset. So, Windows gets confused which display has which refresh rate or settings, and Windows is trying to treat the two displays as the same thing sometimes. Both these displays are using the two DisplayPort ports, plus I have two other monitors connected to the USB-C port using an HDMI-to-USB-C 2-to-1 connector. I don't seem to have any issues with the two secondary displays. 

I do occasionally have an issue where I try to start the VR and Mixed Reality Portal claims it can't start at 90Hz, which I'm pretty sure is related to the headset/monitor conflict. Then if I change the setting to let Windows decide the VR refresh rate, all my screens go black and the system seems to lock up. 

If you're running an insider build of Windows 11, there are currently some significant problems with WMR headsets unrelated to the video cards. Things like Youtube VR videos play super choppy at like 1 fps, or there's no audio when using VR websites. Not sure if these issues are present in the public release of Windows.

I'm also on W11 with G2, and just upgraded from 108)Ti to 7900xtx but I have serious issues with VR. I wonder how you managed to run it properly. In most of the games, when I move my head, it is stuttering even under the steam VR home screen, the text is not clear, or blurry. I had a decent FPS loss in VR when I compare it to 1080ti. Current;y the quality of the performance is so bad that I can't play as it is shaking. It only looks OK under the Mixed reality default room. Outside of Steam VR, MSFS is also shaking even on its main menu in VR. For non-VR games, the card is flawless!

I have some problems on my 7900 XTX. When i boot the Computer with the Valve Index (DisplayPort)  and my Monitor (HDMI 2.1) plugged in the Windows Screen doesn't show up on the Monitor. The second problem if i fire up SteamVR the GPU Usage goes up to 60% sometimes the usage jumps to 75%, even if i do nothin in SteamVR Home at it is only around 150% Supersampling and on 90hz. The Games do also not work most of them, exept Half Life Alyx, AMD Please do fix these VR Issues on the next driver update. The Games that didn't work are Dirt Rally 2.0 VR, Assetto Corsa VR and Elite Dangerous in VR. This is what i have tested so far. I can also provide a DxDiag.txt if you need it. I'm running a fresh install of Windows 11.


I'm glad that it fixed your issues with the reverb but for me it's not the same problem.


06 JAN 23

Received my 7900 XTX yesterday and straight out of the box encountered the issue with no display on my monitor if the Valve Index was connected at boot time; this was after installing the full Adrenalin package of software/drivers. I was most upset to say the least!

Anyway, after finding it only happened when the index was powered up on boot, this is how I rectified the issue:

Re run the Adrenalin driver install as though you were having to repair it. However, choose to Factory Reset and only install the "Drivers", nothing else i.e. not the full Adrenalin package.

This has worked for me and since reinstalling as stated above has worked flawlessly, hope this helps. 

*Windows 10 64-bit

I've tried your suggestion but in SteamVR the GPU Utilization is at 60% with 150% SteamVR Supersampling in 90hz mode. Dirt Rally 2 in VR refuses to start.


By the way i've made a 3d mark port royal benchmark before my new windows 11 installation and i've had around 14600 Points with the Power Color Hellound Custom card. With the fresh installation of Windows now i have 13800 Points. I have the same OC and Undervolt Settings tested that was suggested by the Adrenalin Software. After the new Win11 installation the Adrenalin Software was telling me exact the same. Whats wrong then?


today i've tried the new driver 23.1.1 but Dirt Rally 2.0 in VR doesn't work.


I've also tried skyrim vr and fallout 4 vr not working both of them (shows an Application Error Message). Microsoft flight simulator is also not working. i tried to launch the game, started a flight. then launched steamvr and it runs like 10 seconds and then windows freezes. half life alyx is working and euro truck simulator 2 also.

Journeyman III

I've just upgraded from 108)Ti to 7900xtx using it with HP Rev.G2 and W11 but I have serious issues with VR. In most of the games, when I move my head, it is stuttering even under the steam VR home screen, the text is not clear, or blurry. I had a decent FPS loss in VR when I compare it to 1080ti. Currently, the quality of the performance is so bad that I can't play as it is shaking. It only looks OK under the Mixed reality default room. Outside of Steam VR, MSFS is also shaking even on its main menu in VR. For non-VR games, the card is flawless! It looks like it is a driver problem but if anybody managed to make it work right, please let me know.

I have exactly the same problem in Win10. In falcon bms I could make it work but it produces major eye strain compared to my old 3060ti. 

Thank you for that hint. I had exactly the same problem but with a 7900xt. The re installation with the driver only option solved that. The performance still isn't that great but al least it is something to work with.

Maybe have a look at this article:

Two of my friends had similar issues when they upgraded to Reverb G2’s and 3090’s not so long ago.

They have both noticed significant improvements. Worth checking out as it may be the interaction with the G2, Steam and WMR. 

Hope it helps. 



OpenXR is better than SteamVR (in DCS and AssettoCorsa), at least for me. But AMD still has some problems with it, meaning reprojection is unusable. But thats also with SteamVR (GPU only at ~ 70% utilization). Also AMD dont support FOVed-rendering in the Toolkit. Nvidia-Cards can render the outer and blurrier parts of the image at a lower quality, increasing overall perfomance.

I dont want to buy Nvidia, but will not buy AMD right now too as I intended to.

But if a friend would ask me for advice on what to buy for VR Id right now would not recommend red but green.



I was having other performance issues with the 7900xtx after upgrading from a 1080gtx, like almost no noticeable performance improvement over the 1080, which is ridiculous. Since I was tired of the Win11 VR issues unrelated to the graphics card I decided to do a fresh reinstall back to Win10 and all my problems were solved. 3DMark TimeSpy went from just over 8000 to just under 23000. I also have no problems with my Reverb G2 and VR now either, though I'm not sure the VR is as much of an improvement over the 1080 as I was expecting, maybe I'm just bottlenecked at the CPU again, Ryzen 9 3900x.

I'm not saying if you're on Win11 you need to downgrade to Win10, but it's possible that you might just need a fresh Windows install, especially if you're upgrading from an Nvidia card. Graphics drivers can be janky and don't clean up nicely, and they probably conflict with each other even though you're using different hardware that shouldn't be using the other brand drivers.

Just make sure even when you're changing cards and graphics drivers, leave your VR hardware unplugged or off so it's not detectable until after you have the new graphics card set up. This can help avoid any display conflicts.

changing gpu from one brand to the other , you have to "load setup defaults" in bios , and ddu previous drivers in windows, and i would even check a "reset to factory settings" on adrenalin installation

Adept I

For those with oculus, try my settings, it helped another guy. It's with the oculus debug tool. I'm coming from 1080 TI and the performance boost is incredible and day and night. I can have on max pixel settings on oculus client in 72hz in some games if i lower the quality a little in game. But it's like day and night for me. EDIT: ohh, i have a 7900 XT not XTX, so i dont know, you would think XTX would get better. But another guy had issues but after doing as in the picture he thanked me that now he can play!Skärmbild 2023-01-09 105642.png

Journeyman III

Since amd isn't fixing it as fast as everyone would like....
Did anyone notice that there something running at insane fps? Loading vrchat and sitting in empty world I can hear the typical sound gpus make when they rendering something at over 500fps.
I checked XSOverlay and it shows me that something running at 200~500fps


Usually when you have vsync off and the fps goes really high or unlimited, you will hear coil wine! And even the GPU usage can go really high 70+ when this happens and fans turning to high/maximum. I found out its because off no vsync. But the weird thing is, ive seen it not do that when high fps no vsync. So it seems to depend on what API is used or what game it is or something like that. Hmm..