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Adept I

Yet another person with RX 5700 XT issues.

I built a PC late last year, 2019. I used Logical Increments as a guide.

I tried to play Witcher 3, and experienced the BSOD issue a few times. Also in other games. After maybe 1/2 to 1 hour of playtime. The original crashes had a loud electric buzzing sound. Now that seems to be gone. So, when it crashes, it just crashes.

I've updated Windows, BIOS, chipset, and drivers. I've done clean installs of the latest Adrenaline version.

I am including my specs, and a snapshot of the Adrenaline Performance tab. Note the fan speed, max and other wise. It is super high. the be quiet! Dark Rock 4 folks say that their fans don't go that fast. That it must be something with Adrenaline.

I'm about to throw this machine out the window. I don't know what else to do. Someone in a tutorial mentioned disabling the PCIe4. I don't even know how to do that.  Any help will be appreciated.

OS               Windows 10 Pro
GPU            XFX Radeon RX 5700 XT
CPU            AMD - Ryzen 7 3700X
HSF             be quiet! Dark Rock 4
Mobo          ASRock X570 STEEL LEGEND AM4 AMD X570 SATA 6Gb/s
ATX AMD Motherboard
RAM           G.SKILL Ripjaws V Series 16GB (2 x 8GB)  
(C:) Boot Drive   WD Green 120GB PC SSD - SATA III 
(S:) HDD            WD RE4 WD2003FYYS 2TB
SSD             Intel Solid State Drive (SSD)
PSU             EVGA SuperNOVA 650 G3
Optical Drive      Asus 24x DVD-RW Serial-ATA Internal

Antivirus            AVG

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Adept I

Hello, any solution for it? I’m facin mg the same problem



I'm not going to be much help, but here is where I am at:

The only thing that helped was to take it to a repair guy. He said that it was a corrupt AMD GPU driver. I did not ask which one because our exchange was not ideal. The guy fixed it,but severely scratched the outside of my rig. He was an older dude, so we agreed for me to pay him half, but the whole thing just pissed me off. TMI.

So, my machine does not crash anymore. The AMD folks said to completely remove the latest drivers with the DDU or whatever utility. And then do a clean install of the most up to date driver. But by the time I got that response the issue was fixed.

Having said that and while the machine does not crash, the Adrenalin 2020 software still registers my fan speed max as 132000 and actual as 65535 RPMs. But other software that reports on fan speed clearly states that it is not that high. The temps are registered properly, in the 40s when not playing, and in the 90s when playing.

I am not sure that is helpful.

Good Luck,


Thanks you so much for your response. I just installed the old version, I thinks the BODS apperanced after I update to version 20.3 maybe. By the way I think it’s driver caused too. I watching it and will reply u as soon as I can. 


I appreciate the response too.

They just put out another update on 4/2/2020.

I don't know if you use Windows or Linux, but they recommend pausing or stopping your Windows update while you update the AMD driver.

Good luck, and please let me know what you find out.

Thanks again, and hey, take care out there. Crazy times.


I downgraded to the version 20.2.2, and I think my system is stability now. I thinks the driver 20.3 or late have problem. Sad with AMD, they alway not good with software and driver. 

One more times, thanks for your advice, .


I know what you mean. I built this machine. In retrospect, both Windows 10 and AMD have not been ideal.

I am using the latest drivers. I hope that I don't have any more problems.

Keep my e-mail around, and let me know what you find out.

Take care,


Journeyman III

Have the exact same MB and RAM... figures XD

I have the exact problem while playing COD its been driving me crazy!
I figured it was driver related after trying basically everything..
- loaded bios defaults
- Clean uninstalled (in safe mode) and reinstalled latest drivers
- Formatted my OS and Clean installed everything

All benchmarks and stress test did not seem to find any issues I ran-
OCCT on my power supply, GPU, and GPU's VRAM
3Dmark ran good
BurninTest didnt find any issues

Nothing seemed to help the issue i tired a bunch of fixes in registry to disable Ultra Deep Power State, tweaked Radeon setting nothing seemed to fix the issue.
I reached out to gigabyte and amd didnt get anything back yet.

One thing i did do that might have kinda made it a one time thing for me as in the first second of a match the gpu drops to 0 and then back up and it doesnt happan again
i downloaded the driver from my manufactures site and not AMD. It is a really outdated driver its 19.18.1 but it did seem to make the card a bit more stable.

Feels like AMD rushed to push the card out and theres still a couple things that weren't fully checked. :(


Set your driver to default settings.

Uninstall your driver an install this one. 

Also i so not use AVG because it basically spyware an does noting to fix issues. I use this. 

You can use older versions but no need. Also you should get a firewall protector if you do not have one. I recommend

PeerBlock. However. Windows 10 automatically Blocks permanent installation of this app due to it blocks Microsoft as well if set to block it. So you will have to rename the .exe to something else like Peer or Peerb whatever.

An go to your ThisPC at the top of your screen right click an click Manage.

Click Task Scheduler

Right click on Task Scheduler Library an set up a new schedule for Peeb.exe

From there read the instuctions an whenever you need to access a site you can enable or disable your firewall.

I have found this safer an easier than anything out there. If someone tries to take over your computer you can click the firewall an block any install.

Sometimes some hackers may try leaving something in your system. No need to worry. Malwarebytes removes it from your %Temp%

Cleaning your system. Nothings lost or overwritten.


Thanks wasun.

I will look into what you are suggesting.

I am alarmed about what you said about AVG. I will have to research that more.

Thanks again, and take care.


Juan Gonzalez