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Adept II

XFX R9 270X GPU 2 Fans (AMD 2020 Edition - Major COLOR Problems)

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It's called AMD Trouble - This Needs To Be Fixed 
It's called GPU Trouble - This Needs To Be Fixed 

Scroll down the Support Forum for all the People who have issues right now, 
everyone is having issues... 

Release Notes State there is a Problem, it's getting looked into & resolved? 
Ya, but each Update is worst then the last... 

Are you resolving it, or making it worst on purpose? 
I just saw STEAM with people who's got NVidea GPU's having major problems, too 

When are we "Users / Customers" going to get a break? 

I need my PC for "Work / ART" right now, & I can't even use it in it's current condition, 
Solution? Buy a New one? What one? They seem to all have issues,  

I'm getting things from Color Loss, to VHS Quality Videos, to CPU Crashes, Memory Spikes, 
to APP's & Programs changing Colors from Low Quality to Black & White... 
Screen looks Blurry Messy, Piexelated, & Washed Out... Programs seem to now Crash 
without Warning... 

Hardware Issue? Maybe, maybe not? I can't tell, because I dunno how to Troubleshoot the Problem... 
It's infecting all my Devices, some of them are brand New, not even a few months old, & there 
is the fact that... 

If it was a Hardware issue? Then why do some APP's still come in crystal clear perfectly in HD / 4K? 
So does this mean it's a Software Issue? A Driver Issue? I dunno, I have Zero idea... 
What I do know is AMD is my GPU Provider, & they handle the Visuals & Graphix... 

Microsoft claims they are not the problem, 
I have no idea how to contact Valve, they won't even
answer any Replies, so I think with them i've given up... 
AMD? Can't even deliver a full package i've paid for? 

How do people expect Sales Numbers,
when they have problems like this? Who in 
the world is funding these people to stay in
business? (SRRY BAD JOKE)

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