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Would this be from typing in light shafts or god rays into a config.ini file i wonder?

lightshafts or godrays.jpg

 lightshafts or godrays i wonder? i had to save as jpg in paint so they fit on here so super compressed to a jpg twice.. otherwise the 1080p jpg is 5MB or so

roof tip maybe light shaft shame my 5700xt cant ray trace.jpg

 roof tip maybe a light shaft effect.. it cant be raytracing.. my 5700xt isnt rtx its also not a 1990's voodoo3dfx or any other ray tracing card.. and i didnt happen to use ray tracing software like blender or unreal engine or unity.. though this is a unity made game and unity is just software that has its own ray tracing methods.. but my card isnt rtx so i cant check the ray trace button in game so its impossible.. so sad.. also vulkan and directx do ray tracing .. since forever. its just sad its impossible on my always been able to but never able to ray trace 5700xt also raiden looks like she kinda umm yandere or upset about the godrays thing what with her being a divinity and all.

is lightrocks a ray tracing function.jpg

 i dont recall ever typing in glowrocks or lightrocks or anything like that? moon sure is bright though. maybe those glowy fish live under here somewhere?

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