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Adept II

Why is my XFX VEGA 56 Memory stuck at 167MHz

Hi I recently installed the Adrenalin Radeon 18.12.2 drivers for my two VEGA 56 cards, one's a MSI brand, the other XFX which is my primary display.

I primarily use my VEGAs for cryptocurrency mining Etherium and had noticed a significant bump in the hashrate performance on the mining app Ethermine I use on each VEGA since the update.

Overnight I noticed my XFX VEGA hashrate drop significantly to the single digits, upon checking Global WattMan stats on it from the Radeon Settings and I see it's Memory is at 167Mhz. Meanwhile my MSI VEGA hashrate has stayed unchanged and it's memory clock is 800Mhz. 

I also noticed that the GPU speed of the XFX is stuck at 1420 MHz, but there is nothing I can do to change or manipulate this in Radeon Settings it seems.  I even tried to see if I could change this with MSI Afterburner app but no go.

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