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Journeyman III

Why have i lost GPU performance on my RX480 4gb since 18.x.x drivers installed?

I have an RX480 4gb card and since the 18.x.x driver updates, I have been plagued with nothing but issues. It started with the HDMI scaling option breaking, every time I turn my PC on it has black borders around my desktop image, every time I start a game that runs in full screen 1/2 inch of the outside border cut off. the latest issue is that (even overclocked) I get about 15-20 fps in all my games, overwatch has become unplayable, I used to get a stable 60 fps on High settings, now I get 24-52 fps that changes rapidly causing screen tearing and that's on low setting with everything turned down to the minimum. I am updating to the optional 18.3.2 driver now to see if this issue persists, if it does i will be removing the card in my system and going out to purchase a new nvidia card today.  IDK how you can make a GPU worse with an update but props to you AMD you did it.

I have already done a fresh install of the latest drivers 18.3.1 (didnt fix anything)

I then did a fresh install of windows, then a fresh install of the latest drivers (still didnt fix anything)

I've tested the 3 latest 18.x.x drivers and each one lessens my gpu performance more.


Gigabyte z170n-wifi miniITX mobo

intel i5-6500 CPU

MSI AMD rx480 armor OC 4gb GPU

1x8gb corsair vengeance 2400mhz RAM

250gb samsung 960 evo m.2

250gb samsung 840 pro 2.5in SSD

500gb WD 5200rpm HDD

500w evga PSU

I have exclusively bought AMD GPU's over Nvidia GPU's my entire life as I dont support Nvidia's Business practices but I also cant support a company that literally downgrades my GPU performance either. if this isnt fixed by the next update I will unfortunately be switching to an Nvidia GPU immediately. unfortunately to me this looks like AMD trying to force customers to upgrade their GPU by lessening their performance and considering your gpu prices are higher than competing Nvidia card right now id rather go for the more cost effective option that'll give me better performance anyway. sorry AMD but you are losing my support.

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Did you uninstall Amd Software in control panel/add remove programs before installing new drivers?

I would suggest running DDU in safe mode, clean all amd drivers and reboot.. then install the new drivers..