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Adept I

Who else has given up on Radeon 5700 XT

With months of trying to work with a sapphire Radeon 5700 XT, i have sadly given up on Radeon graphics with all the issues it currently has and gone to the Green side. 

I am happy that everything "just works" but extremely saddened i had to leave AMD in the graphics department.

Who else has decided to call it a day?

Better red than (Fill in the blanks)
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I have spent countless HOURS almost every day on the net looking for a fix over the past few weeks. Nothing I have found works. This issue has been going on for 7 months now. I bought my ASUS ROG STRIX RX 5700 XT on 21st of November 2019 and have had nothing but problems. I have the black screen of death that is either crashing games, freezing my PC to the point where a hard reboot is required or green screens and game crashes. My card is also paired with a AZSUS VG248 monitor. At first I thought AMD would get this resolved with a Driver update and stuck with it because hey, new architecture is bound to have problems and these can be addressed with future driver updates. but 7 months!?! Come on, this is beyond a joke now. 

This is this week's actions alone:

- Wiped my M.2 and reinstalled Windows 10 Pro from scratch (all Windows updates incl.) and latest drivers for all hardware (chipset, audio, LAN, etc.)

- Updated mainboard BIOS and RX 5700 XT VBIOS on Q and P modes to the latest available versions

- Verified all my game files on Steam

- Uninstalled and reinstalled Raedon Software & Drivers (latest version and previous versions) using Windows

- Then I tried the above step using DDU in Windows safe mode between uninstalls to completely remove GPU drivers and deleted the C:\AMD folder each time too.

- Installed GPU drivers without Raedon Software

- Tried running my games in bordered window & full screen modes

- Tried running absolutely no unnecessary applications in the background and disabled Windows fullscreen optimizations on my games

- Tried disabling hardware acceleration on any applications that are using it

- Confirmed GPU thermals are within normal limits as per AMD's website

I am done with AMD. I have already asked my vendor for a card swap to Nvidia and will not buy another AMD card ever again even if they one day manage to surpass Nvidia in performance simply because this is ridiculous! Your customer base should NEVER be your beta-testers unless you are able to squash the bugs that crop up in a quick and effective manner. 7 months later and we are still waiting for a fix to a MAJOR issue that prevents us from doing what we bought the card at a premium price to do: GAMING

My setup:

- AMD Ryzen 2600

- 16GB 2333Mhz RAM (8GB X 2)

- MSI B350 Mortar Mainboard

- Thermaltake Smart Pro 750W PSU (500W required, 550W recommended for GPU)

- M.2 and 1TB mechanical HDD

- Cooler Master MasterLiquid Lite 120 CPU Cooler

I'm just done. I've moved back to my old MSI RX580 8GB OC until I get my new Nvidia 2060 from my vendor.

Journeyman III

I was about to do the same thing until I fixed my issue.


How did you fix it?

detrol2k wrote:

I was about to do the same thing until I fixed my issue.

what did you do different?

Well, my issue was basically the card greatly underperforming, like 30% of it's full potential. I searched and tried all possible fixes and in the end made a thread on Jonny Guru's forums, after a long discussion the issue was my main PCIE lane which kept the card's bus at x1 1.1 no matter how much graphical stress I did to it. 

I swapped it on the second lane which was also x16 according to the datasheet of the MOBO but here it stays at x8 3.0 which is enough to make the card very well usable.

I think on my side it was just an incompatibillity between the card and the motherboard. The card specifically because I tossed my old RX 580 in it and it ran at x16 3.0 so we can't discuss a faulty MOBO at this point.

It was 3 months of pure frustration until I managed to find this fix with help. After that there's literally no more issues, even got freesync 75hz enabled and no crashes / black screens. 

Currently at 20.1.3 so the snow in RDR2 doesn't get clunky.


That sounds like a CPU or motherboard fault if it is not setting up the video card properly.

Exactly, swapped the ASrock with a Gigabyte and all's good.

Never Asrock again.

Journeyman III

I've had a terrible experience with my Saphire Pulse Radeon 5700 XT.  I'm on 19.12.1, which seems to be the least crash-prone driver. Not sure if I should try any of the new drivers that have come out.  Have you tried many of the new ones?


I'm glad people are finding ways to resolve their issues with this card. I have spend hours searching the net for even the tiniest solution and trying it, without any luck.

I do not have other main boards to try and more importantly, I do not feel as though I should be swapping my hardware out to accommodate a new graphics card. I understand AMD does not have the capability to hardware test their units as extensively as Nvidia before release but it has been 7 months since launch and this problem is still affecting consumers. I find that unacceptable. Even Nvidia had issues with the Turing architecture after launch, but those issues were ironed out quickly and effectively. I think AMD is seriously going to shoot themselves in the foot for future releases if they do not get a handle on this sooner rather than later. I, for one, will not be buying any GPU's from AMD for a very long time. If/when I do buy another AMD card, it certainly will not be one that has been recently released, no matter the reviews or specs on paper.

I have tried all versions of Radeon Software (the first 19 through to the latest 20) that I could find to resolve the problem using DDU in safe mode to uninstall each version before trying the next. I haven't had any joy. And another problem I have picked up is periodic FPS dips in games that do not crash on the card. I am just very disappointed in my purchase and will happily move to Nvidia for the sake of stability even if their card is marginally worse on paper.

I tend to buy a lot of motherboards as new models surface. B350, X470 and X570 so far.


If you have extra then why not, I guess? But I don't even have that option.

I built this machine with the MSI B350 Mortar MB and originally the RX580 8GB OC about 2.5 years ago as a limited budget gaming rig. I since bought a ASUS 144Hz monitor and the RX580 wasn't coping as well as I thought it would. 

I thought upgrading to the RX 5700 XT would be a good move for the 144Hz monitor as I only play in 1080p and the card is supposed to be aimed at the 1440p market. Also, I wanted extra GPU power for the new releases coming like Cyberpunk.

I have an RX 480 8GB and so far this card managed to fend off being replaced with gaming at 3840x2160

I am hoping AMD will offer big Navi this year as a new more powerful card would probably be a good idea. 4K gaming is brutal on the video card.


ASUS Strix 5700XT OC and no issues whatsover,no crashes or black screens,I even have the "cooler screws issue" and still temps are fine.Have used all drivers since mid November.


I have that same card and Ive had nothing but problems. Im selling it a buying a 2070 instead, this is the last amd card i buy.           

Adept I

Not I. I run linux, and under linux we have the opposite issue: the open source amd drivers are performance competitive with the AMD supplied drivers (can even be better with the right games), and the UX with those drivers destroys the UX with nVidia's drivers. There's an open source package called nouveaux which you can use with nVidia cards, but since nVidia won't share certain key info with the linux driver team, their performance is very lacking... but with the nVidia closed drivers getting a kernel update can result in an unbootable box that requires booting into single user mode to try and fix it.

I can believe that. Remove the resource hogging Windows OS and things always run better. On all the reviews I have seen, the RX5700XT has held its own or surpassed the Nvidia 2070 at 1440p. The problem is that Linux is definitely not an operating system for everyone, even given the HUGE advance in GUI, ease of use, etc. It is still a very hands on OS that requires a LOT of tinkering, especially for gaming purposes.

I dunno. I actually run linux because of my job, not because of games. I don't really do very much to it to particularly get games going on. With Steam, all that stuff works great, including running Windows only games under proton; you just gotta tell steam to run it with proton and it takes care of the rest.

For old games, I use PlayOnLinux, which will do all the magic incantations for you for old games (that's how I fire up Mirror's Edge from time to time when I feel like revisiting it). I used to use it to run the Homeworld games, but now that the Revisiteds are available on Steam and look a lot better, I just got them and run them via proton.

For really old games, I use DosBox (here we're talking original Civ, Warlords II, Command and Conquer, X-Wing and Tie-Fighter, Sim City 2000, that sort of thing). 

I'm toying with the idea of firing up a Trash-80 emulator sometime so I can really revisit some of the games of my mis-spent youth; Defender on the Trash-80 was an awesome game and a simply spectacular example of programming efficiency and performance.


I have X-Wing etc in Steam and EA made a way better version of SimCity which supports multiplayer. I bought the Lucasarts box.


I took my RX5700 back to the vendor on Saturday as I moved back to my old MSI RX580 that has never let me down. They tested it and were able to replicate my issue immediately so they processed an RMA for me. I decided not to go for another RX5700 card and took store credit instead. I bought the MSI 2070 SUPER Gaming X Trio 8GB which was slightly more expensive that the RX5700. I uninstalled my RX580 and drivers the same day and as of today, I have not had a single issue with the 2070. 

The 2070 SUPER and the RX5700XT are very similar on paper and even in game testing from what I can see. One beats the other in games X, Y and Z and the other beats the first in games A, B and C. My personal experience is somewhat different. Running Heaven test engine I saw a gain of 10 to 30fps on the 2070 and in gaming I am seeing as much as 50fps gains.

I suspect that there was something deeply wrong with my RX5700 that resulted in these different fps results, other than just an issue with the drivers causing the black screens and game crashes, but I will never know. So far moving to the Nvidia card has been the best decision I've made and I doubt I will trust AMD GPU's again for a very long time because of the way this has been handled by them and the drivers still not resolved after 7 months from release.

Sorry AMD, you guys may have made an amazing CPU with Ryzen but your Navi GPU's really need some serious work to make them even close to competing with Nvidia. No one in their right mind would spend their hard-earned money on a GPU that has known issue that still have not been resolved 7 months after release. I really hope you can fix your GPU's and continue to compete in the market space.

Most of all, I hope other people having similar issues also manage to either sort out their problems or get something new that works for them too.


Enjoy the new card. The most important thing is you are gaming now, not trouble shooting. After your break in period you might play with some overclocks. I use mine at 4K quite a bit and can overclock mine to 2080 performance. One tip is if you need 10bit color with those at 4K run the Studio Driver. The game ready driver doesn't support 10bit. You have to use DP too other wise you only get 8bit dithering. 


I use DisplayPort and my Radeon RX 480 gets full 3840x2160x60fps with 10-bit HDR color and 4:4:4 chromaticity. HDMI cannot do that.


Correct HDMI standards are currently limited to 8 bit. The AMD drivers make selecting 10bit very easy compared to having to load a different driver on the green team. 


pokester wrote:

Correct HDMI standards are currently limited to 8 bit. The AMD drivers make selecting 10bit very easy compared to having to load a different driver on the green team. 

I have long detested HDMI has being bandwidth starved to do any real video work.

I see lots of 240Hz panels now at 1920x1080, but 3840x2160 with HDR is 1000 times nicer to look at.


I think TV makers should have abandoned HDMI and just gone Display Port for 4K and future standards. Plus you don't have to pay a royalty to use DP. 


The $1 per port royalty is another reason to detest HDMI. DP is royalty free and trolls hate that. DP 1.4 is fine for 4K but much more bandwidth is needed for 6K or 8K panels.

My SDI card has the same bandwidth issues for 8K. Eventually a new revision to the standard will bring new cards to the market. SDI can control old style D5 decks that are still used in television studios. D5 HD - Wikipedia 

Apple uses their 40 Gb lightning cable to handle the 6K panel and even that is not enough. I figure 75 Gb is more adequate. 8K probably should be provisioned with 100 Gb or more bandwidth.

Adept II

Again so many problems with the rx 5700 xt 

It has Already been said but... Yeah I will return my card and go to Nvidia Asap. If I get it back with the message nothing is wrong than I Guess I'll just sell it. 

Journeyman III

Sadly I am done. Requested RMA from gigabyte today. Will pay extra for a Nvidia card if i have to. Don't really care. Had a awesome experience with my R9 380. Upgraded to the 5700 XT and had nothing but problems since. I've tried everything that google has turned up with no luck. AMD really needs to step up to the plate right now. So disappointing. 

What I have tried.

1-DDU Drivers 2-Update/Backdate Drivers 3-Update Bios 4-Set PCIE to 3.0 5-Fresh Windows Install 6-Verified windows/game/directx files 7-disable hardware acceleration where applicable 8-shut down all back ground programs

9-Down clocking 10-Adjusting fan curve for better thermals 11-Capping Frame rate 12-Turning on and off all the radeon graphics and display settings 13-Probably other things that I can't think of

Still constant black/green screen crashes now followed by a static/snow screen crash with the latest driver. Sometimes if I'm really lucky it just crashes to desktop. Also get screen tearing on some games. Anything else I could try on one last little bit of hope I have left???

System Specs (No OC)

Ryzen 3600X with 240CLC

MSI X570 Gaming Edge WIFI

Gigabyte Aorus 5700 XT 8GB

32 GB Corsair Vengance 3200MHz

HX1000 PSU

250GB M.2 + 1TB HDD + 3TB HDD


I am on a clean install of windows 10 and 20.4.1 seems to be stable

Adept I

I was about to give up with a Sphire Nitro+ 5700 XT. Random reboots when playing, using windows etc. Tried all possible drivers, tricks, windows hacks. Nothing.

Then, I found a post about undervolting the card, I was suspecting a PSU problem, but having a 750 PSU when the recomended setting is 600W, I didn't want to believe. I tested the undervolting and the card started to work better, to the point I was able to play with not crashes. I ended up replacing my 750W bronze PSU for a 850W gold rated PSU. Clean windows install, latest drivers, everything worked as it is supposed to.

Hope this help someone else.

MOBO: Tomahawk 450B

CARD: Saphire nitro+ rt 57000 xt

RAM: 32 GB Corsair LPX DD4 3200

PROC: Ryzen 7 2700x

Water Cooling: ML240

PSU: Corsair RM850x


I have Corsair power supplies in my shop. At least they do deliver the claimed amount of 12V current. Some vendors count the 3.3 and 5V which overstates the true capacity.

My HX1000i is 80 Plus platinum which makes my rig very efficient.

It dismays me to see so many with junk power supplies and the questioner cannot figure out what the problem really is.