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Journeyman III

When will the new pro-render will integrate Cinema 4d and others ?

It's so sad Pro-Render is not anymore on cinema 4d . I planned to buy Cinema 4D to replace Blender , use this for rendering my project and I learned after buying my Amd Radeon that we don't know when Pro-Render will be back again in Cinema 4d. According to what I've read on C4D official page , it's supposed to be AMD which will provide the plugin and AMD promised to do it but we don't know when and I find it a bit irritating. When applications support OpenCL , the render time is pretty pretty good with AMD compared to Nvidia even if it is a bit behind .... but almost no application support it instead with pro-render plugins but they seem to be always too late . We wait a lot and it falls between two chairs. It seems even 3dsmax 2020 is the last version with pro-render available. Why not making plugins available by version like if the 3.0 is not ready for C4d , let us use the 2.0 ... things like that.


Why all this waiting ? Can't AMD do better if they want to be more supported by render engines ?


It's sad because I've seen a lot on pro-render and if it was a stable decent solution ... not always coming and going away , it would be appreciated. Why not letting the people use previous version of pro-render in applications instead of removing it while AMD try to accomodate the last version ? I don't understand this way to do . Maybe a staff member from AMD here could explain . I see no future for 3d modeling with my GPU and ... it's sad because it has good potential ( RX6800 ) , 16gb of ram , a good bandwith and a couple of usefull RX cores .


Does anyone know if AMD will ever perform in GPU rendering on a stable way in Cinema 4d or we will always have to use old versions of our applications with the fear of seeing Pro-Render disapear forever or so ?


As I'm out of luck , I don't like so much Blender and I know it has the best version of Pro-Render which is told to be pretty amazing. Why not better integration in C4D ? It's like Radeon will always be the gamer's card that can't do anything else and for the price , I feel a bit sad on this point even if it's a good GPU . I begin to regret a bit as for 3-400$ more , I'd have no problems about GPU rendering. Are Radeon cores SOOO bad ? It can play games in a awesome quickness but we can't find any plugins other than Pro-render and ... it is always coming late like this ?


I feel AMD really needs an electrochoc or to focus on gaming and stop telling that they have a high end render solution . It seems people are forced to downgrade 2 years before their 3d application just to have pro-render. It's like being handicaped in a way.

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