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Journeyman III

When AMD GPUs will be supported in ML and AI applications in Windows?


Not sure if this in right forum, first time here.
I just wanted to ask if anyone knows when AMD GPUs are supported in AI / ML applications in Windows?
AI image generation (Stable Diffusion for example) is hugely popular now and is dominated by nVIDIA GPUs and CUDA cores. Why AMD is ignoring this sector of appications? If I have understood correctly AMD is now part of Pytorch Foundation yet Pytorch does not support AMD GPUs in Windows platforms. Why is this? And ROCm runs in Linux but not in Windows. Why?

It just amazes me why AMD is ignoring this sector of applications.


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Journeyman III

Stable diffusion, hashcat etc etc. Banging my head against the wall at how horrible the procedure is to get it to work (if it does work). I gave up my 6700xt and bought an NVIDIA gpu instead.

May be if you asked at AMD Developer's Forum there is a forum for that type of question:

As for ROCM questions there are two forums to ask in: