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What is purpose of problem report wizard?

Going to driver, Preferences, Launching Problem Report Wizard, it makes a report sends to AMD without any input from the user what the problem is? How is that even remotely useful or effective?

Here is one of many I am having with the Radeon 5700XT 50th Anniversary

  • With desktop in HDR, HDR monitor
  • Open up Strange Bigrade in DX 12 but not configured for HDR, it is fine, monitor goes to SDR automatically
  • Change in Strange Bigrade to use HDR and the screen turns super bright with display pallet pretty messed up
  •  Exit to the desktop and HDR on the desktop is not working even when selected, turning off and on HDR in Windows does not turn on HDR on the monitor
  •  The colors on the desktop from a grey light theme of Windows turns into a pink color - pallet is messed up now any program in windows. Changing bit depth, HDR on/off etc. does not revert colors back to where they should be
  • Only restarting Windows does the pallet return to normal, HDR works right
  • Starting Strange Bigrade in HDR mode when in game if it is already selected/configured, works fine, coming out of Strange Bigrade when in HDR mode works fine as well. Only when changing  HDR mode inside of the game does it mess up all the pallets of every program in windows
  • I think this is happening in other games but not sure yet - rather play games vice make report after report on each issue

In a round about way one can enter a problem report on AMD site but it is so cumbersome as in you have to manually input everything about your machine (each time) when the Wizard already has all that information and much more but zero input on your actual problem. 

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