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Journeyman III

what are the best graphics settings (in game) for modern warfare using RX5500XT 8gb

My pc setup is core i5 9400f, 16gb ram 2666mhz, gigabyte rx5500 xt 8 gb (with driver 20.5.1). I have tried different combinations for modern warfare graphics setting but changing 1 thing fixes 1 and creates another issue. i am not getting optimize graphics setting for cod mw.

I want to run at 720p resolution giving 60fps. some issues that i get in story mode are 

  1. it has sometimes missing textures like walls and guns are missing (i have tried installing game like 3 times)
  2. game hangs up for few seconds and crashes games giving error even on lower graphics. it also happens in mp but its rare.
  3. it takes long time to reload from check point
  4. on highest setting, story mode sometimes freezes and reboots pc
  5. i have checked vram usage which is almost 100% full on highest setting around 90% at lowest (i dont know if it is a problem or not) i only play games. no streaming no recording

Please suggest good setting and also suggest setting for amd adrenaline. Currently i have turned off all the features of adrenaline.

thanks in advance

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