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Wattman popping up. PSU issues? RX6800


I recently bought a RX6800 . I also have a rubbishy old corsair VS 650 PSU. It is 650 w and so should suffice for the STRIX card who recommend a 650w PSU. I often times get time outs, black screens and Vulkan device loss errors when loading into my flight Sim - XPLANE !. I originally thought it was A driver issue, but I worked through this, and no driver related changes had any effect. Wattman keeps popping up after the crashes and my GPU software states that my GPU is receiving insufficient pwr. Is it reasonable to suggest that the PSU is the issue causing black screens and BSODS and crashes/



5600x 16gb 3200 RX 6800 b550 Wi-Fi vs 650

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Very possible...I would clean the PS with compressed air as dust buildup causes overheating...and it's the first thing to try.

A PS should last 3-7 years depending on how it's used (gaming/surfing the web).


Thanks for your response.

I tried cleaning it out with some air. No change. I think the VS 650 is on its way. I have had it from mid 2018. going to order an Rm750 x which should cut it.