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Journeyman III

Very bad color rendering, I can't see grey

Hello Everyone


I'm having a very bad issue since i'm a UI/UX designer.
I have a laptop that have 2 graphic card, but so bad it has a AMD as Primary Graphic Card that is the cheapest one and give me realy bad time, since the color rendering are absolutely a big MESS.

It only render Bright White on everything, there is no shade of grey. And every time my screen goes fullscreen or turn back on, it even goes whiter,

My only solution is to switch this button, on OFF or ON  this bring back a normal color, :

Capture d’écran 2023-01-30 135453.png

That just doesn't make sense.

Do you have any solution ? Since i've paid my laptop over 1500€ that a real problem for my work


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