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Journeyman III

Vega 64 keeps crashing

Greetings folks,

I have recently gotten myself a Vega 64, problem is, every few hours it keeps crashing. I've taken a gander at forums already, but no solution seems to work...

  • AMD Graphics Card

Gigabyte Radeon RX VEGA 64 8GB

Operating System:

Windows 10 64bit (Latest update as of writing)

Driver version installed

Radeon Software Crimson Edition 18.12.2

  • Display Device

AOC Q3279VWF 2560x1440 @75 hz Displayport

  • Motherboard + Bios Revision

MSI B150M Bazooka (MS-7982 ?)


Intel i5 6500

  • Power Supply Unit  Make, Model & Wattage

Gigabyte B700H

  • RAM


Every few hours or so, my vega basically freezes up, often crashing any application that might be making even slight use of it. Games and such. I've already tried quite a few options, yet I have found no solution yet...

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Run the system with the task manager running as watch for cpu and gpu temperatures

could be something is overheating, gigabyte uses crap thermal materials that do not last long at all


Even with the fan on maximum, the card steadily reaches 85 degrees in a rough minute. I've never seen it go any higher, so I suspect that's the thermal limit...


looks like the thermal material is failing on your video card


It crashed 3 times while I was trying to reply, I've been keeping track of the temps since the first, it stayed between 50-60 (my idle temps pretty much...) during it all...


i know that drivers for Vega are still unstable but they are not that bad

try a different disk and a clean install of windows to rule out windows problems


50-60 strikes me as fairly high for idle temperatures, even on air.  Did you buy used?  What are the air temperatures when you get those idle temperatures?


Those idles are with a room temperature of a rough 20, this card is brand new.


What are your GPU and memory clock speeds set at?  What about voltages?  Power limit?

Can you reproduce the crash reliably by running a GPU stress test?


Everything is on it's default, a stress test doesn't seem to trigger it, yet pretty much any game, or basically anything else that makes somewhat extensive use of the GPU, seems to have half an hour at most before it crashes down

Journeyman III

Seriously consider your PSU.  I had endless crashes with my Vega 64 with a Corsair CX750M.  Upgraded to a Corsair HX1000.  No more issues at all.  I know it sounds crazy that a 750w PSU isn't enough for a single GPU in an i5 system.  But there you go.  What did work until I got the new PSU was pulling the power all the way to -50% in Wattman.  That kept the whole system stable but the clock speed never went above 1200 or so.


AMD cards can use more than the stated amount of power when pushed hard.

This is why I use 850+W power supplies even with a single card so I can ignore video card proclivities

CPU power can get up here too when overclocked, ask anyone with the FX 9570 processor

Journeyman III


I have a problem with my Gigabyte RX Vega 64 card too. Im the second owner of this card, at the previous owner it worked perfectly, with no issue. 

Sometimes my whole system freezes totally, in random times and i can solve it by hard restart, mainly when im playing PUBG, but does not freeze during playing, it freezes when i finished my gameplay and im going back to lobby.

I have tried the stress test more than 3 minutes and the system was stabil, no issue, stabel working.

My CPU and GPU working in normal temperature, about 40°C. Im using my cpu and gpu at normal clock speeds. 

When im using my PC for normal using, like browsing or etc. there is no problem.

I had tried 5 different driver for my card. Some of them frozen during install, some of them after the installation during in normal working frozen by normal windows using after the windows logon. 

Right now the latest driver was installed after a full SSD format, windows reinstall, and cleaned the drivers by AMD cleanup in safe mode. But doesnt solve the problem.

Already installed chpiset driver and other offered drivers by motherboard manufacturer.

My system:

GPU - Radeon RX Vega - 
VRAM - 8176 MB - HBM2 945 MHz
Driver Version -
AMD Windows driver version - 31.0.12029.10015
Direct3D API version - 12.1
Vulkan™ API Version - 1.3.217
OpenCL™ API Version - 2.0
OpenGL® API Version - 4.6
Direct3D® Driver Version -
Vulkan™ Driver Version - 2.0.233
OpenCL® Driver Version - 31.0.12029.10015
OpenGL® Driver Version - 22.11.221102_65bb9ce
2D driver version -
2D driver-file - /REGISTRY/MACHINE/SYSTEM/CurrentControlSet/Control/Class/{4d36e968-e325-11ce-bfc1-08002be10318}/0000
User desktop version - 2022.1130.1413.1936
AMD sound driver version-
Illesztőprogram szállítója - Advanced Micro Devices, Inc.
Windows Edition - Windows 11 Enterprise (64 bit)
Windows version - 21H2

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-990FXA-UD5 rev 3.0, FC bios version

CPU: AMD FX-9590 

RAM: 2x8GB Kingstone DDR3-1600 Mhz

Videocard: Gigabyte RX Vega 64 

PSU: Corsair CX750 80+ Bronze

Watercooling on CPU


Lot of thanks for helping.