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Journeyman III

Vega 56 capped at 60FPS in PUBG

Hi all,

I own a MSI Vega 56 OC AirBoost card and have been playing PUBG on it for the last year or so.  My monitor is 2560*1440 and is capable of 95Hz.

Running the old 19 version drivers I was getting 95fps ranging down to 70fps in PUBG at 1440p, this was with various settings, but the card could easily run over 70fps.  Now with the new 20.14 driver I am unable to get anything over 60fps and it holds this at a constant 60fps throughout the game play, have tried various settings:

  • Freezync on and off
  • Chill on/off (min 70Hz and max. 95Hz)
  • Radeon Anti-Lag on/off
  • Radeon Boost on/off (usually have this off as it caused some weird moire effects on some textures and stuttering when they first introduced this)

Something is definitely not right here, cheers in-advance for your wisdom?!?


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