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Various games crashing (RX 480)

Hey guys,

there seems to be something wrong with my graphics card and/or the drivers I am using.
I own an RX 480 4 GB now for almost a year now and had many problems with crashes in various games.
It started with War Thunder in mid 2071. After about 30 minutes in tank battles the game would first freeze with a sound loop and then CTD because of insufficient video memory (at least that's what War Thudner told me after the crash). VRAM was only used about 2 GB when it crashed. I googled and some others seemed to have the same problem and it happened to no other games at that time.

Then I didn't really game for a few months (just some very lightweight games like Elder Scrolls Legends).
A few days ago I started again with playing Skyrim, and after about 1 hour the game freezes with a a sound loop and CTD without any error message.
Today I installed Vermintide 2 and – you guessed it – the game freezes with a sound loop already after a few minutes and crashes.

I figured that this couldn't be coincidence, since everything ran fine with my R7 370 and my R9 270 before with only 2 GB.

So here are some things I noticed: in low-load situations (like Air RB matches in War Thunder that take like 15 minutes or just being AFK in a private mission for several hours in Vermintide 2) the game runs just fine, no crashes or anything.
But after some time of active playing the game always crashes.

It may be a coincidence, but the problems started after using a new mouse (Logitech G502). Used the G700 before and had no problems.

The temps are fine (below 70°C for the GPU), the VRAM is only at 1,3 GB when Skyrim crashes and at around 2,5 GB when Vermintide 2 crashes.

I did multiple clean uninstalls of my video driver and installed the newest version but nothing seemed to work.

I stresstested the card in FurMark and checked the VRAM for errors, everything was fine. The problem only occurs in games. System memory is fine as well, as is the CPU temperature.

I really need some help to fix this extremely annoying problem since it makes gaming almost impossible. Any tips how to pinpoint the problem? Any ideas what I could do?

Thank you!

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