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Journeyman III

Used Rx5600xt blackscreen and turned into no signal/display

I upgraded my gpu from Rx560 2gb to rx5600xt gaming mx MSI (used)

Then I tried my rx 5600xt when it arrived two days ago it didn't boot and all I get is no signal from my monitor and had 5 short beep codes but fans working then I tried changing my HDMI cable after that it booted then I played Mhworld in it then stopped since it's already late at night then next day I opened my PC to download the rest files of COD Warzone after downloading I turned off my PC, then when I opened it again It doesn't display but you can hear the sounds when it boots to windows then I tried to put my old rx 560 back then it boots fine then tried to use DDU to uninstall drivers and reset the CMOS and reseated the ram after that I returned my rx5600xt back then It booted then I played Days Gone to test it if it solved the issue but after a few minutes It goes into blackscreen and I turned off my PC then turned back on then I get No signal again with no beep codes but the fans are working.

Can you help me what's seems to be the issue is it my Gpu or is it my Psu that lacks power since I only have EVGA BV500Watts? Ps: I tried resetting CMOS, reseated my ram and did eraser method, did DDU clean and reinstalled my drivers, I even tried resetting my os and reinstalled.


My PC Specs:

CPU: i3 10100f with stock cooler

4 built in fans from fantech aero cg80 case

MoBo: Gigabyte H410m h v3

Ram: 8gb Kingston fury beast 2666mhz

Gpu: MSI rx5600xt gaming mx (used) Rx560 2gb my old card

Ssd: nv1 Kingston 500gb, and 870 evo 1 TB Samsung



Sorry for my English it isn't my primary language

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