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Adept I

updating graphic

hi guys I recently posted a problem with the april windows update and then I uninstalled all drivers and installed them again and well everything seems to be fine but my question now is why it's still showing me the version 18.2.1 when there's  new one 18.4.1 that it's for better performance and etc on this new windows update I try to update but it tells me that the radeon software is already updated and I cannot get the version 18.4.1 my pc is an asus x555bp with AMD A9 7th gen processor and amd radeon r5 m420 2gb what have I got to do? thanks in advance.. cheers!

update: like the software keep showing me that the last driver is installed I decided to install it manually and I downloaded this AMD Driver  but at the end and it's suppossed to be the one for my graphic card it ended screwing up the driver and the screen was black so I had got to restore my pc so how have I got to get the last version for the new windows update?

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