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Journeyman III

Unable to edit the video recorded by Radeon Software

Using RX6800. This is a loooong time I comeback to Red Team GPU. Last radeon graphic card i used is HD5650 on my laptop. Desktop even older, it was HD3850.:smileyvery-happy:

But I got a weird problem.

I can't edit the video recorded by Radeon Software.

Video Encoder is AVC, Audio Encoder is AAC for now.

All setting are normal for a video.

But Raedeon Software can not play it and edit it.

I can only play those videos by PotPlayer, and re-record it form PotPlayer.

I tried  third party apps such as “Easy视频制作” (sorry i don't know the english version of this app, i downloaded from Microsoft store), Windows movie maker (a old app i pull out from windows 7). Can not even load those videos

But sometimes, if I was lucky, I can edit all my video by Radeon Software. Most of the time just didn't work:smileysad:

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