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Journeyman III

Troubles with msi radeon rx 570 8gb oc in opera with hardware acceleration

At the opening of the opera, artifacts appeared in the form of a chess grid in full screen, everything is fine in games and benchmarks. Solved the problem by fixing the minimum frequency of video memory at maximum values of 1750 mhz. I noticed that in the BIOS the voltages are set at all memory frequencies at 1000mV, in the driver settings it is 750, 800, and 900 mV at 300 MHz, 1000 and 1750, respectively. If you set 1000mV to 1750 MHz, and leave all other settings the same, without fixing the minimum memory frequency at 1750 MHz, then everything works fine. Is the problem related to the hardware of the video card or a bad video card driver?

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