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There is no audio when my PC is connected to my TV by Mini DisplayPort

Hello. So I recently got a new computer with an AMD Radeon RX 550 4GB card installed. The card has 1 DisplayPort and 2 Mini DisplayPorts. Whenever I use one of the Mini DisplayPorts, there’s never any sound. One of the ports makes the video resolution 480p, while the other makes the video resolution 1080p. Either one has no sound. When I go to AMD ADRENALIN Software, it says my video connection is by DVI-D rather than Mini DisplayPort. Is there any solutions to this? Any help would greatly be appreciated. I would use the regular sized DisplayPort, because the audio works perfectly, but the video is not stable. Oftentimes, in a few moments, the regular DisplayPort video connection goes to a solid green, and then loses signal. Is there any way to fix both issues? I updated to the newest driver that came out today. 

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Do you have your monitor connected to your Motherboard's Video output rather than to your GPU card?

Do you have your monitor connected with a DVI-D to DP adapter?

Go to Windows Sound Panel and see which Main Audio Device is set to default?

You can only have audio from one source as per Sound Panel. So whatever Audio is set as default in Sound Panel will have audio and all the rest will be disabled.


1. Nope. My PC has a CPU without integrated graphics. In case it’s needed, it’s an AMD Ryzen 5 Pro 1600.

2. Nope. I am using a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter to connect my PC to my TV, since my TV does not have any Mini DPs. Realtek Audio is set as default.

It’s not my cable. It is capable of transmitting audio and video to HDMI. I recently bought it too.


you need to set it to hdmi audio device if you want sound through hdmi. or high definition audio device, whichever is there. but not realtek.

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On device manager, I installed the ATI HDMI Audio Driver but nothing has improved. What should I do?


If Realtek is set as your default audio that means your motherboard's audio is default and not your GPU card's AMD HD audio is default.

You need to see your TV set that shows running on AMD HD AUDIO as your default audio to get audio from your TV.

Realtek generally are Motherboard's audio driver and it doesn't work with the GPU card's audio since it has it own Audio drivers.

That is why you are seeing DVI-D as default since most likely that is your Motherboard's Video Output port.

NOTE: In last reply that is the type of important information you should have posted originally since we can't read your mind concerning how your PC is set up and what hardware or software you have.



Ah, I see. I didn’t notice that I neglected to add more information on my original post. I apologize for the inconvenience. 

How can I set the AMD HD Audio as default when it says it’s not plugged in, but it is? I checked to make sure I plugged the cable to my graphics card’s Mini DP port and indeed it is. What should I do? I tried the Audio Troubleshooter, and it says that the driver has problems, but I can’t update the driver. It also says that my speakers are unplugged, even though it’s not. Double checking, and the cable is indeed connected to my PC to my TV. I don’t know what’s going on with the sound, nor do I know why this is going on…another thing I forgot to mention is that whenever I try to replace Realtek audio with AMD HD Audio Device, I get an error code saying “The device cannot start. Code 10.) that’s despite the fact that I’ve enabled every Digital Output that uses the AMD HD Audio Device. They all say they’re unplugged, when one of them is not.


I will show you have my Windows Sound Panel looks like when I have both my Monitor and TV Set connected to my Nvida GPU card:

Screenshot 2023-10-31 113915.png

As you see both the Monitor (Lg Monitor) and TV set (Samsung Smart TV) are run by Nvidia HD AUDIO driver (GPU Card) and not by Realtek audio driver which is the audio driver for my Asus Motherboard.

In your case you should be seeing AMD HD AUDIO for any audio device connected to your GPU card.

Go to Device Manager under 'Monitors" and see if you see your TV set. If it isn't showing either your AMD audio driver is corrupt or not working or your Mini-DP - HDMI adapter is not compatible with the GPU card or TV set.

Screenshot 2023-11-03 094918.png

Also in Windows Settings - Display you should be able to see your TV Set. If you don't most likely the issue is either your AMD driver not working correctly or your Adapter is not compatible or you don't have either your TV set OSD Menu setup correctly or your Windows settings not configured correctly or in Device Manager.

Please upload a GPU-Z of your GPU card to see if the AMD driver is install correctly.

Note: You can't change the Realtek Audio drivers to AMD HD Audio drivers. The only way to connect so that the AMD HD Audio driver is in charge is by connecting the Audio Device (TV Set, Monitor, Speakers, etc) directly into your AMD GPU Card.

That’s a bummer. I really hope it’s the driver itself, because I wasted good money for the PC and my adapter. Unfortunately, I only see Generic PnP Monitor in Device Manager. However, the Advanced Display Settings says something else. 




 Here’s the GPU-Z.


Thanks for the images.

Windows does recognize your TV being connected to your GPU card. Do you have it selected as your Main Display in Windows Settings - Display?

According to your GPU-Z, you have a Dell OEM RX 550 GPU card ( and I notice that at the bottom the API "OpenCL" is not check marked as being enabled on your GPU card. which indicates something is wrong or corrupted with your AMD Driver.

Does  Device Manager show any errors for your GPU card under "Display"?

Try installing the latest AMD driver for the RX 550/560:

Use DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) to remove all traces of the current AMD Driver with the internet disconnected and deleting, if created, C:\AMD folder.

Once the PC reboots back into Windows, run the full AMD driver package and then check GPU-Z again to see if OpenCL is check marked or not. Also see if the other data that is missing is showing up. But that might be normal except for the OpenCL not being enabled.

Check to see if your TV audio is now working and is the "default Audio Device" in Sound Panel. If it isn't and your TV is showing right click and make it the Default Audio Device so it will have sound enabled unless you have PC speakers connected to the TV set. Then make the PC Speakers the Default Audio Device since the TV is connected to the speakers if it is showing in Windows  Sound Panel.

NOTE: If you have a Dell PC that came with the Dell RX550 then go to Dell Support Driver download page and download Dell's OEM AMD Driver and see if that fixes your problems.


There is no error on the GPU from Device Manager. I’ll try your tips. I hope this will work. Wish me luck. OpenCL is checked. My TV does NOT show up. So, what should I do now? There is no sound still on the Mini DP, but on the regular DP, there’s a still picture that does not go away. It’s a little improvement, but I can’t use the computer at all in a regular DP connection. I think I’ll have to go to the Dell Support Driver page and install the GPU driver from there.

UPDATE: It works, sort of. The video is stable, and Windows recognizes the HDMI audio signal from my GPU to the TV. I know because when I hover by the volume button, it says “LCD TV - 100%” however, there’s no sound at all despite that. What can I do about it? My volume is not muted.

Make sure that in Windows Sound Panel your TV audio is "Default" and that you don't have Windows audio on mute or on mute on the TV set or in Adrenaline Settings.

Possibly the PC audio is being used by some other Audio device thus preventing your TV audio from working.


It was default, but it disappeared. Neither are muted. Downloading the Dell Driver did not help with the sound. 

In Sound panel go to your TV set and right click and then click on "TEST" and see if you hear any sound or the animated sound icon is moving indicating that the test is running or do you get a error message saying that the audio is in use by another device type error.

On your TV do you have it set in the TV Settings for PC -HDMI Input and also check your TV Settings for Audio and see if by changing any the various Audio settings you finally get sound.

I presume you are using your TV's Speakers and not some other speakers to hear sound.

That is one workaround, if you are getting video and not sound then connect some PC Speakers and see if you get sound that way.

If that doesn't work I am out of suggestions.

Try opening a AMD SUPPORT TICKET and see what they say might be the issue from here:


Hi @elstaci, thanks for the explanation.

Driver Version is a bit older here:, no audio in Adrenalin "Audio & Video", AMD HD device is enabled in Device Manager. No issues with sound from the Realtek chip.

Similar issue with the OP's "Not Plugged In", by contrast just using single input jack from amplifier w. generic monitor/TV. 

On the wish list is to switch audio devices in Windows or Driver just to compare the quality of input/output in a standard Windows session, by the looks of it changing the inputs is the only option as per closing note.