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Journeyman III

The cooler does not work

Greetings to the entire AMD community.

I have a problem with a "rx 570 gaming x", unfortunately a component that gives power to the fans started.

Does anyone know of a solution that leaves the board almost what is it from the factory?


Tengo un problema con una "rx 570 gaming x", lastimosamente se le arranco un componente que da la energia a los ventiladores.

Alguien conoce alguna solucion que deje la placa casi que como de fabrica?
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Difficult time understanding your post or question. But are you saying that a component (Shown in the photo) burned out and needs to be replaced?

Is your AMD GPU Card still under Warranty?  If it is open an Warranty ticket to have it replaced or repaired.

MSI has a 3 year Warranty on new GPU Cards: MSI USA 

3. Graphics Cards Service Policy

180 days - Warranty period for 180 days applies to Refurbished items

3 years - Warranty period of 36 months applies on new retail msi graphics cards

Journeyman III

Ya no tengo garantia, queria ver si hay alguna solucion que yo mismo pueda idear