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Journeyman III

Temporary black screens RX 6900 XT



I'm experiencing some "temporary" black screens with my RX 6900 XT :

- Screen goes black for 2-3 seconds before the image comes back ;

- The system keeps running in the background ;

- The monitor does NOT indicate there's no signal ;

- Using all default settings, except with a more aggressive fan curve ;

- All temps well within specifications ;

- No CPU unstability ;

- Feels like the GPU is "rebooting" or something ;

- Happens in several games (Chivalry 2, Team Fight Tactics, Age of Empires 4, etc).


Has anyone experienced this ?



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Adept I

I'm experiencing the same thing with my NVidia 1080. which makes me think it's a Window issue. My RX560 works great.

Engaged minds work better

Try reseating and moving around your power cables on your GPU.

I run a Power Color Demon RX 6900 XT Windows 10 Version 21H2.

There was a .Net Framework Preview Update a few days ago. I was getting warnings from my AV about the update. I quarantined and deleted the update.

After deleting the update my computer shutdown and took about 20 seconds to reboot.

Upon Reboot my OS started repair mode then restarted again. I have used my AV too block that particular Windows Update and have had no issues since then.

Yes I did encounter some short 2 to 5 second black screens until I removed that Windows Preview Update. Those preview updates have always caused minor problems for me on Windows 10.   


Same problem but with another 6000 GPU.

I think this is driver related.

If you are running an X570 motherboard with an AGESA or bios you need to get the next release that contains which addresses the bugs in those two releases.  They are responsible for many issues users are experiencing with their systems. 

I too see a black screen from time to time with my rx 6900 xt and my mb maker just released the latest AGESA bios update this morning so its too early to know whether or not it fixes the bad behaviors I've been seeing with my system.

Journeyman III

Thanks for your answer guys.