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Journeyman III

Stuttering every 25 secs

Dear Community

Good day

I hope someone could help on my issue.
I'm start to be bored by the situation

For every game I play, I've a stuttering appearing for 1-2s every ... 25 seconds exaclty !
It's very strange and lot of frustration due to the stuttering which is not very helpfull.

FLight simulator impacted, Hitman Impacted, Rocket league ... All game touched.

I updated with last bios, AMD graphics up to date, Windows Up to date (I reinstalled fully but still stuttering)

I tried to disable freezync, no effect still same issue,
Tried to disable BAR/SAM, no effect ...

If someone has a a method to fix, thanks by advance for every help

My PC :

  • - 5600X
    - 6800XT
    - B550 Gaming Edge Wifi (MSI)
    - DDR4 3600Mhz
    - M2 Sabrant 1Tb
    - Windows 10 actually (but same issue on W11)



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Adept II

Mhmm, so you cleaninstalled windows several times, tried even Win11, still the same, tried different drivers, ofc uninstalled with DDU.... and still occurs. Tried a different PSU? Might be too much on the nose, but, unless it´s something software related, it could maybe be power related. Just a guess though. If it´s not power related, maybe RAM related, memtest should be done, otherwise. Too broad an issue to just guess. VBIOS i highly doubt.


Hello dear and thx for your reply. Not sure PSU is concerned has I never had issue with it (No reboot, no black screen etc) and inside computer since the beginning (when stutters was not here before)
RAM test could be done but how to proceed ?

It could be nice also to have a solftware which monitor on live the memory and activity, to try to find which software or hardware is in fault, but I don't know this kind of software.
Thanks a lot



Adept II

Hi , I have literally just been through the exact same thing with a " 6650xt" I tried everything possible to fix it but nothing resolved it. Returned it and have just received full refund after it got tested so this is either a constant issue with 5000 cards or a weird coincidence. 

I have 5600x myself. Just changed the mobo to b550 gaming and got new PSU arriving today 750w rog strix gold.

I'm king of on the fence now whether to try another amd card or just go nvidia. Now that I have read your post I'm even more hesitant. mmm i wonder if it has been a PSU issue, i cant test now though obviously as card got accepted on return as faulty.


I'd try to use DDU to completely get rid of the GPU drivers and reinstall them cleanly. Also, it could potentially be an outdated driver for something else that's interfering (e.g. sound driver, network driver, etc).

Make sure your GPU is using dedicated power cables rather than one daisy-chained cable. That could potentially contribute.

Could also try doing MemTest to see if it might be an issue with your RAM.

The only other thing I could think of is maybe checking Task Manager and seeing if any services or processes are taking a lot of CPU or RAM usage up and disabling those.

Worst case scenario it could potentially be a faulty CPU, but I'd suggest trying the above first.

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