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Journeyman III

Stuttering, and mouse curser stutter using Chrome/Edge

Any driver past the 8/31/23 causes the mouse to lag bad and the browser to micro lock up. It doesn't do this right away, may start after about 10 minutes of being on line. The only thing I changed was the graphics driver, and was working fine with ZERO issues prior, and no I did not install anything different that would also cause this. SO much in fact it was ticking me off bad enough that yesterday I redid my system for I couldn't find a fix, but once done, and I installed the latest diver it started doing it all over again. I even went as far as going from windows 11 to windows 10 and it did it with both OS's! I downgraded to the 8-31-23 driver and I have yet to have any issues so it is for SURE DRIVER related!

My specs:
Asus Tuf Gaming X570 PLUS (WIFI)


16gb of DDR4 3600mhz cas 16 memory

Powercolor Red Devil 6900 XT

Corsair 1000 watt psu

Samsung EVO 2tb ssd

And again it was all working perfectly till I update to ANY driver built in September, and I redid my system with all new drivers and went from 11 back to 10 with having stuttering and laggy mouse, and only other fix I found was to SLOWLY move the mouse during it lagging bad and close out the Chrome/Edge at which point my pc will run smooth again, and have to restart it, only to be able to open the browsers  again and act like it should to only have it 10-15 minutes later do it all over again, but for some reason this 8-31-23 driver it doesn't seem to effect the browser in any way, it ran all night last night without error (knocking on wood). 

What is the cause for I am having issues with this driver and NFS Hot Pursuit Remastered and would love to update but not at the cost of having to restart my pc every 10-15 minutes to be able to go online. Once the browsers are shut down, everything runs smooth as butter


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Journeyman III

OH and it doesn't matter if I have Super rez on or off, driver set to stocks, what tab I select to watch youtube or facebook or read emails, using ryzen master or not, or if my mouse pointer is large or small, or overclocking my system or not, this happens once I install any September driver. I had it running all night, and its taken me well over half hour to write all this out and has yet to stutter/lag (knocking on wood).

Journeyman III

Hey, I had the same problem the last days. Today I got a tip on reddit to turn off hardware accelleration in chrome.

So far so good, crossing fingers.


Journeyman III

Same here with the exact same problem, didnt try to turn off hardware accelleration thought but I thought about that option, I just didnt have enough patience and downgraded. There are not many people with this problem as far as I can see.

Journeyman III

Hi, I was having something kinda the same issue. I was also having screen flicker when a game is in window mode or opening a web chrome base webrowser. i have a gysnc/freesync monitor. i turned off freesync on my monitor and the freezing up went away. overwatch 2 been crashing every 30 mins or so now though.23.9.2 is definately a bad driver. everything was working fine till i updated it. on a 6700xt and ryzen 5900x

Journeyman III

Thank you for making this thread!

I was encountering the same issues this last week on the Adrenalin 23.12.1 ("""WHQL""" Recommended) driver released 12/5/2023.

Strange issue with the mouse cursor skipping around just like you described.
Seemed to be more likely to happen when running my full 3840x2160 resolution.
In addition, I also had some issues regarding the mouse cursor rendering around text fields you can mark where the cursor completely disappears (see video).

I found that I could get around the cursor disappearing by going to edge://flags/ and setting "Choose ANGLE graphics backend" to D3D9. It would seem that this is related to >DX9 rendering This fix causes some artifacting on the cursor, but it is a major improvement.

I'm trying the driver you suggested (23.8.2) for the mouse skipping/crashing problem, crossing my fingers.

X570 Taichi
32GB 3600MHz
6900XT Aorus Xtreme Waterforce
Fractal Ion+2 760W
LG-C1 3840x2160 120Hz Freesync premium

AMD seriously needs to up their driver game, this is unacceptable.
Anybody tried newer drivers (>23.8.2) with any luck?

Journeyman III

To resolve the stuttering issue in Google Chrome, I changed the value of the option chrome://flags/#use-angle to OpenGL.