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Adept III

Something broken in 22.7.1 Drivers

Want to inform the error i got when installed last update.  i dont know what happend.. i installed it.. but wouldnt let me.. something was stopping the install from installing..   when i tried reset fabric settings (actually worked to proceed with update&install) 

but it doesn't..the same error just showing after booted windows that it cant install the 22.7.1 drivers.

So, now i had a unstable system.. pc crashed few times.. (maybe just me trying to fix it not used to these kinds of errors from AMD..:)) anyway..

what i did was uninstall drivers just in windows.. reset windows, install previously working drivers that was already downloaded AMD_Software_Installer_22.6.1 and everything back to normal. 6800xt + 3900x 64gb 1200w psu using 4k Gaming screen from samsung


(i recently changed boot harddrive to a bigger one, so cloned, using MiniTool Partition Wizard  software..  i have done this many times before with no issue..

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