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Journeyman III

smart access memory x8 slot 6900xt

Good Evening. 

I have a 5950x cpu on a x570 board and a 6900xt GPU it is all working great! I have one x16(Size) slot left on my board I want to put a 10Gb ethernet card in that slot. It is an 8x card.  All other slots are filled already so I can't use a different one. 


When I use this secondary slot the primary slot with my GPU drops to Pcie 4.0 8x speeds. I believe is is normal behavior and I am totally cool with that.   

Here is the question...

The conventional wisdom is that PCI-Ex16 4.0 is more then what is needed for any GPU anyway.  Given the bandwidth of PCI-E 4.0 8x I believe is would not cost my any performance to run this way? Can you confirm this? 

The curve ball I'm seeing here is that now that Smart access memory is enabled are we using significantly more PCI_E bandwidth then is historically the case? 

I can't find any information on this so I figured here would be the place to ask.  I'm mostly concerned with GPU performance so can we frame the argument as to what this is going to cost my in terms of GPU performance. 

Cheers for any help in advance. 


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