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Adept III

Should I go back to Nvidia? 6800XT flickering issues, unplayable w.o. Freesync, stutters, whine coil

Hi everyone;

First time buying AMD graphics, got a 6800xt and as you'll and AMD know when Freesync is on, the screen flickers. My issue is without Freesync the games stutter like crazy, its unplayable.

I love how AMD has brought up the competition, I love AMD Adrenaline better than Nivida's and I love my 5900x. Why is AMD taking so long to fix the Freesync stutters? Its been 5 months already and no driver updates that fix that. My other issue is that my Powercolor has whine coil, I can live with that but not with the stutter, I hate to say it but with my 2070 super didn't have a single issue related to drivers.

When they fix that, it will be perfect, but the question is *When* and *If*

Just in case I have the following:



Powercolor Red Dragon 6800xt

2 monitors 1440p, 144Hz.


Any suggestions?


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Try running the flickering monitor at 120Hz instead.

In my sample size of two, I found one Samsung monitor flickered with FreeSync, and one LG monitor does not.  Both at 144Hz.  Not a driver issue in my case, but a monitor issue.


It never happened with my 2070 super. Started happening with the 6800XT


I second this, 


For context I went from a 3070 to the 6800 XT, all games are unplayable in full screen or borderless mode, heavy stutter or flickering. When in windowed mode, games are all butter smooth. I've tried all the possible solutions, even went from manually disabling and re-enabling all the radeon software settings indivually to a full on windows reset with clean drivers. I tried different monitors, freesync on and off, no avail. Again, games are all butter smooth in windowed mode.


Amd is a serious joke and this GPU was the last product ill ever buy from them.


Seem to be lots of complaints about AMD 6000 series GPUs on the this forum now. 
I thought miners had bought them all.
Are you all for real?

Why did you all move from Nvida to a new AMD GPU in the first place?
If you know anything about AMD GPU and their drivers history, you should have known you will likely have to wait ~ 8 months post launch before the GPUs are working properly and have a properly working VBIOS for AIB GPUs based on the last 3 GPU releases (Vega, Radeon 7, RDNA).

RDNA2 is more complex and has initial version of RayTracing support on top of that.

You should probably do what I do and just buy them second hand at low price when the next generation (RDNA3) launches.
The cards should work fine by then. 

Alternatively wait until Nvidia release RTX3000 series GPU on TSMC 7nm or better. 
Nvidia using Samsung 8nm process was a mistake for performance and power.


"Lol bro it's your fault for not buying your 1500 CAD gpu 8 months later because AMD is known to be **bleep**ty" Really? Thats your take-away?  



It should not be that way but that is where it is based on past three releases.

For RX5700XT it took Gamers Nexus and other Tech YouTubers to force AMD to take some action and fix the RX5700XT drivers. 
That should not be needed. 

They keep doing it. 

So either AMD improve their drivers at launch or people should do what I suggest, and buy AMD GPU when they are at low cost and just about to go out of production or second hand before / when the next generation RDNA3 is released. 

Why go through at least 8 months of driver hell and debug on RX6000 series if I could buy Nvidia GPU instead or wait for other guinea pigs to go through AMD GPU driver hell on their new RX6000 gpus instead?

On top of that, OpenCL and Productivity Apps are not well supported yet.

To answer your question though I cant talk for OP but I got mine from Canada Computers in February when it restocked. 




Let me give a few reasons why I bough AMD:

1. The drivers should've been matured by now

2. Performance wise, AMD beats Nvidia

3. Don't give a sH!t about a Ray Tracing

4. Most important, thanks to AMD the CPUs are more affordable now, AMD put pressure on Intel with the competition, so before you trash AMD completely, be grateful the competition is there, prices would've been extremely high with no innovation.


RE: 1. The drivers should've been matured by now
Clearly they haven't and based on history you will have a while to wait, at least another 3 months if you are lucky. 

RE: 2. Performance wise, AMD beats Nvidia
Those GPU were designed for 4K /2K not 1080p. 
Nvidia are faster at 4K for sure and it is ~ a tie at 2K. 

RE: 3. Don't give a **** about a Ray Tracing
Given the performance in latest AAA games and still no DLSS equivalent, neither do AMD.

RE: 4. I m not talking about CPU I am talking about GPU. 

I am not "trashing AMD".

Who told you these GPUs weren't designed for 1080? They're being commercialized to be 2k and 4k, but in 1080p you 200+ fps, fyi there are monitors with refresh rates up to 360hz, competitive games that's what you want, so do a little more study on that and then come back.


"Nividia is better at 4k" Have you actaully watched benchmarks on youtube? Let me give you a link, you can do more research


I guess the only solution is wait.


Yeah, I guess ill just play my games in windowed mode and see if within the year they release a fix or even acknowledge the issue.

More than 16GB of VRAM tells me these GPU were not designed for 1080p. 
CPU performance will be most important at 1080p for these GPU anyhow.
Nvidia RTX3000 series GPUs beat the AMD cards at 4K in most cases. 

As for 200+FPS for "competitive gamers" at 1080p and 360Hz gaming monitors yada yada.
I have seen plenty of blind tests where "competitive gamers" couldn't tell the difference between 360 and 240Hz monitors.

The only solution is AMD fix the drivers sooner or go Nvidia.



Same thing is happening to me now in 2022, I have a similar setup with multiple monitors, what I noticed is that if I unplug all other monitors I get no stuttering. Try that and see.


another thing I want to try is to lower the refresh rate of my secondary monitor to 60hz maybe and see if that has the same effect as unplugging it.


if someone else has other solutions please share, it is really frustrating.


Hey are you running in HDR by chance?  I have not had issues with any other setting but HDR for screen flickering. Bummer only for like 2 games do I care but not that big a deal for me.  I am coming from a 2080ti that broke for a 6800xt merc319.  The 2080ti had the same issue with HDR! I wonder if it's my monitor or windows?  Good luck

Adept I

I went through the same thing with my rx6700xt when it comes to screen flickering. Only fix I found was actually replacing my DP cord & the flickering went away but I have the same problem with stuttering on my freesync monitor! Unlike other people who always wanna compare AMD vs nvidia, I honestly believe it’s luck of the draw on a lot of cards. I’ve gone through 3 cards, two AMD’s & one nvidia RTX 3060 Ti (which was DOA). But maybe try a new DP to see if that helps flickering issue! 

good luck 


Is the OP's monitor freesync approved?


Freesync and g sync work only if the frame rate (fps) is in the refresh rate range of your monitor (and only in full-screen mode!)! That is, you have a 144 Hz monitor, usually it is a range from 60Hz to 144 Hz, respectively, and the frame rate should not be lower than 60 and not higher than 144, + on some monitors you need to enable adaptive synchronization in the monitor settings (asus) and in the settings of the video card driver to activate freesync, past this you need to look at which interface the monitor is connected to (hdmi, port display, dvi) they have a different range of freesync operation. For this reason, it is advisable to limit the frame rate if you have a 144hz monitor (it is advisable to limit the frame by at least 3 frames, for example 141 fps) through the video card driver or in the game if such a function is provided. I have no starters except for the days gone game, but I think this is an exception to the rule, it causes staters for most people on different configurations. Artifacts are also associated with a high frame rate (at this moment you will hear the squeak of drossels) usually if in your case you limit the frame rate to 144, artifacts may disappear, but this is not exactly possible, it will not help, and the problem lies elsewhere.