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Screen splits in half / RX5700 XT

Sometimes while gaming or doing basic things like using web browser my screen splits in half and the left side is color how it should be and the right one is totally different contrast and light. Happened on 2 separate monitors. One was plugged via HDMI and the second one with DisplayPort.

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Journeyman III

I can confirm this. Happens with my 144hz IIYAMA ProLite (DisplayPort), too. Installed driver is adrenalin 19.9.2. How long one half goes darker seems random, sometimes it's a few seconds, sometimes a minute. It's always the right side of the screen.

Did you find the solution to this problem? Maybe it's because of display calibration? I use Spyder5Express for it. Or it's the overlay thingie of the adrenalin? Or a faulty card? Really annoying :/ . Display works flawless on my previous GTX 980 (switched back to make sure).

EDIT: Using DisplayCal instead of Spyder5Express seems like a decent workaround for me.


it is not faulty card I believe. I have got replacement and it is doing the same. I'm using f.lux which makes my colors warmer so I suppose that it is bug with this program. 100% it has to do with color calibration of some sort. But I have no idea how to fix it. Maybe wait for new drivers?


I have a Radeon 5700 XT Gold on a Windows 10 Pro system and sometimes when I boot up my display is split in half with one side darker than the other.   A re-root solves this problem for me.  I am using the 19.9.2 driver and I suspect it is causing this problem.  If it happens again I will try going back to a previous video driver.


I had this problem from the get go, even pre 19.9.2. Also I can't switch back since 19.9.1 BSODs every time I'm watching a video in Firefox (fixed with 19.9.2 yay).

Anyway I tried using DisplayCal as a profile loader instead of Spyder5Express and so far I haven't had any problems. DisplayCal reports that it restored the color profile about 50 times on a typical usage session, so I guess this is a brute force workaround .

Adept I

I get a similar issue I think may be related to this. Right side of screen is fine, but on left side of screen mouse pointer gets distorted. If I move mouse pointer to right side of screen it looks normal, back to left side and its distorted again.

Happens randomly maybe once or twice per week, system needs to be rebooted to fix.