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schematic HD5450 1G DDR3

Hello, I have an amd radeon hd5450 1g ddr3 pci-e hdmi/dvi-i/vga graphics card and it does not give video but the pc turns on perfectly. I understand that a short circuit should not be because the power supply would protect itself by turning off, which which is not the case, I am currently looking for the schematic of it, does anyone have it?

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Those type of schematics  are not available to the public.

Remove the GPU card and remove the Shroud or covering and Heat sink and physically check the GPU card for any discoloration or burnt tracings or damaged electronic components.

yes, i already do this, but i don`'t see any damaged electronic component or burnt tracings, what can i do to obtain the schematic?

thanks for your reply


I don't know as a private citizen.

You can see if you can sign a NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with AMD to get access to the schematics. But otherwise I seriously doubt you can get those type of schematics of AMD GPUs. 

Besides, in my opinion, it isn't worth repairing. The HD 4000 series GPU cards are considered to be antique. There aren't any AMD Windows 10 drivers for your GPU card. Only what Windows Update installs.

Also have you tried each of the video outputs to see if you get any video at all?  Change Monitor cables?  Have you tried your GPU card in another computer to see if the same thing happens?

Which AMD driver to have have installed or is it the one from Windows Update?

The only thing you can do is use components from another HD 4000 series GPU card to fix yours if you suspect a Chip is bad.


ok, i goin to try contact to sign a NDA, but yes, i'm from argentina and here repair all hahaha, i tried vga and hdmi outs and nothing, mi monitor work perfect whit the APU (Accelerated processing unit) inthe motherboar ouput, i tried to using the grafic card in other pc and the same thing happens i haven't drivers, but i reed the drivers install themselves, the series HD4000 it's identic to HD5xxx?

If you work in a Computer Repair shop some Users have had luck baking (heating the entire GPU card in the oven) the GPU card so that any micro-breaks in tracings and loose solder joints melts and makes good contact again.

But its not a very good way of trying to fix the GPU card.

One Repair Tech used a Re-flow Station to fix his GPU cards which it more professional way of fixing solder issues.

Good Luck in trying to get GPU schematics. They are considered to be Proprietary material by AMD which is why the public doesn't have access to them. I believe.

There is an AMD Corporate office in Argentina:

Screenshot 2022-03-13 220146.png

I would call the Corporate AMD Office in Buenos Aires and inquire about getting GPU schematics. They should be able to tell you if you can do that or not.

hahaha, no this not good idea, i going to try re-flow the gpu an others components, thanks for your help, as well going to contact whith amd suport in my country, thanks, relly thanks, How can I rate your profile? marking you as a solution?

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We will be unable to provide schematics for this graphics card.