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Adept I

Sapphire Radeon RX 580 4GB - Prepar3D v5 Optimization?

Hello, I would like to formally ask AMD to optimize the RX 580 for Prepar3D v5. For every update I read that the drivers have been optimized for this game and for this other game, and I am running one of the best simulators and my Rx580 doesn't even recognize Prepar3Dv5 as a Video application unless I point the drivers to the Prepar3D exe. Very disappointing considering Nvidia has their performances optimized for all simulators...

Please AMD, give me some better performances, I'm sure my Rx580 can do better than what it's doing right now, especially when it comes to handling video memory. Most of the times, when the game tells me the video memory has ran out, I still see 1 GB+ free in GPU-Z.. It just doesn't feel right.

Thanks, have a good day!

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