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Journeyman III

Sapphire Radeon RX 480 8GB crashes


2 weeks ago I updated my GPU driver to the latest version. After that my PC started to lag & freeze and giving me a buzzing sound through the speakers. Sometimes I saw the AMD report window popping up, sometimes I needed to restart the PC if it didn't do it on its own. I unistalled the driver and installed the older one again but the errors didn't stop. (I used DDU in safemode for everything). Since that didn't work I reinstalled my windows 10 with the latest driver but that didn't help.

I went through the eventmananger since I never saw a bluescreen. Eventmanager shows me the following errors:


- Source: Kernel-Power with the Event-ID 41

and a ton of normal errors event.PNG

Before I reinstalled Windows I saw, that I had one of those Kernel-Errors in early 2020 but they never appeared again.

Sometimes, when I start my PC in the morning, the 480 wont even start and Intel gpu from my board is used instead.

Crashes appear randomly. Sometimes, a few minutes after I start the PC for the day, sometimes later but mostly only once or twice per day (that I'm aware of)

The latest one I had today was when I was afk and the only thing running was Discord.

Memtest and AS SSD didn't show any errors during their tests. Temps seem to be reasonable: around 75-80°C during WoW/Tarkov, 60 during Rimworld and around 40°c while I'm not doing anything.

I hope I didn't forget something.


I appreciate any help


Rest of the Hardware:

ASRock Z170, Intel® Core™ i7-6700K, 16GB Ram, 700W be quiet PSU

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Adept I

Just here to signal support, many people on RX 4xx cards seem to have grave problems with basically all drivers released since November.