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Journeyman III

Sapphire Pulse RX570 with RX580 vBIOS?

Bought a second hand Sapphire RX570 Pulse 8 GDDR5 which the Device manager recognises, but sadly with a yellow triangle - "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)".

GPU-Z says it is a Radeon RX 570 Series, however vBIOS version and Device ID find it to be an RX580 card!
The Sensors tab shows both GPU and Memory clock to be 0.0 MHz, GPU and Memory Controller Load both at 100%. GPU Power Draw shows a ridiculous 6.46 GW and VDDC Power Draw 639 kW, yet Temperature is only around 40 deg.

Atiflash shows that the closest vbios to the installed is one from amn RX 580.

Trying to flash any RX570 bios exits early with "SubsystemIDs mismatch".
Is there a way to force flash an RX570 vbios, even at the risk of bricking, because the card is of little use as it is?

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Yes, through a bootable USB drive, but it can cause bricking if you flash an incorrect BIOS. You first need to obtain an official BIOS from Sapphire.


Thank you. There is still a faint chance that i might be able to return the card for a refund - if not it will be


Journeyman III

Got a little bit more information - the card was modded for mining, but apparently nobody bothered to save the original vBIOS. Have just sent an appeal for help (and for the original Bios) to Sapphire, will see what happens..

Journeyman III

Contacted Sapphire Support and opened a ticket asking for help in form of an original vBIOS. Got the answer within 24 hours, including a download link to the original bios. Flashing was straightforward using amdvbflashWin, driver installation also went smoothly. Now the proud owner of a working RX570.

GPU-Z and Winflash before:

GPU-Z Atiflash.jpg

With the original vBIOS ex Sapphire:

GPU-Z new.gif

ATIflash showing the original vBIOS

atiflash new.jpg

Will gladly upload the original vBIOS if somebody is interested and tells me how to do it.

Thank you for your help,    werner