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Journeyman III

Sapphire pulse radeon rx 5700 xt fans not working

Hey there.

Yesterday I have built my first gaming pc with a radeon rx5700 xt graphics card. But when i start the pc the fans work for about 30 seconds and then just stop. I have tried taking the gpu out, unplugging it and putting it back it. The pc itself works just the fans Don't spin... What can I do? Do i need to replace the gpu?

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Many modern cards don't run the fans all the time, only when they need to. Do the fans start up when you play a game?


Yes it does... Sorry I didn't know that.



I didn't know either until I read about it. 

In the end we're here to help each other because AMD doesn't share all the info

Adept II

Have you tested a game to see if the fans start working. 

The 5700XT fans don't start spinning below 50 degrees unless a custom fan curve is set. 

Yes, I have. They start spinning.


I have diff/same problems gpu temp is 95+Celsius when im gaming gpu load 60-100% and fans wont start spin only problem is on win 10 same as build 1909 and 2004 too) when i was back to whql drivers all works fine for some time, after win 10 do some updates what kills driver again:( im crazy now im on 20.8.1 after month gamepause try run horizon zero dawn pc and temp is 95+ after 5mins and fans wont spining again **with all games.Now im trying install 20.8.2 I have xfx thicc II card. Its a same cycle for me again, and again. I install new drivers ..working for some time and after that fans wont spinning again, i install new or older driver working again for some time and over and over again im stuck in bermudas triangle or something like that. Gpu work fine no crashes no bsod, no texture errors. Lol


I use a custom fan for my RX 480 so that the card is continually cooled, same for my PSU which also runs slowly unless it's loaded hard