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Adept I

Sapphire pulse be Rx5600xt low performance, low usage some games

Computer Type: Desktop GPU: Sapphire pulse be rx5600xt CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600X 6-Core Processor 3.80 GHz Motherboard: MSI M450B pro v2


PSU: Thermaltake 550W +plus

Operating System & Version: WINDOWS 10 PRO

GPU Drivers: Radedon 20.12.1

Chipset Drivers: AMD B450 CHIPSET

Background Applications: DISCORD, Opera Gx, Steam, Epic, Gog

Description of Original Problem: I bought a GPU Sapphire pulse rx 5600xt, and i have the problem that de GPU usage is very low (50-70%), in some games like GTA V, Starcraft 2, Immortal fenix Rising, but other games run perfect (90-99% usage) like Red dead redemption 2, Cyberpunk, Cod MW, Apex Legends.

I check Vsync off and others framerate restriccion, GPU and CPU Temp and is 50-60°, and is not bottleneck (CPU 40-50& usage).

I re-install drivers, and format all my disk, installing updated windows and nothing :/

I read this subreddit and other people have the same problem, I sent a ticket to AMD, and report this problem with "AMD Report bug tools".

Someone find a fix for this problem?

I attach a video as proof


Sorry for my bad english

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It's a CPU bottleneck, most likely.  You can't just look at the total CPU usage, see it's below 100%, and assume there's no bottleneck.  You're bottlenecked as soon as you have one thread that's running as fast as it can (i.e. 100% usage on one core), which is holding back all other game threads.  You can only tell that by using something like Process Explorer to examine individual thread CPU usage.  With the way Windows reports CPU usage, you're looking for a thread which has CPU usage close to 8.33%, which is 100% usage on that core.


Journeyman III

some games not all have same card

maybe dat games need new patches.

make sure to install new drivers every monthly