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Adept I

Sapphire 7900XTX reference junction temperature


I like many others are having temperatures of 110C with thermal throttling on my 7900XTX reference card from Sapphire.

I raised a ticket with Sapphire and they just kept asking more and more questions which I answered only to receive more questions.

In the end I have requested a RMA from the company I purchased the card from in the UK ( 

Was this the correct thing to do or should I have raised this issue directly with AMD?


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Journeyman III

I've bought the same graphics card and had the same issue, bought from Overclocker's as well. After seeing other posts on here I've just contacted AMD Customer Support on the phone as stated by AMD to do so on here, they have taken my details and serial number of the graphics card and advised there is problems with these cards that there investigating. AMD have given me a reference number to prove I have contacted them with the issue and also advised me to contact Overclockers and Sapphire about the issues aswell.

Adept I

Thanks for your reply. Could you tell me what is the correct number to call as I cannot find a number on the AMD website?

Also could you tell me how long you were on hold before speaking to a customer service person (Minutes, Hours, days....)

If I can get this reference I will update my ticket at Overclockers as I have a horrible feeling they are going to try and tell me there is nothing wrong with the card.


Adept I

I did find a number and thankfully spoke to a customer service person who was very helpful. He took serial number and some other details and seemed fairly confident that Overclockers would issue a refund.

Fingers crossed he is correct and then I have the dilemma of do I

1. Get a 4080
2. Wait for AMD to solve the issue and get another 7900XTX reference design
3. Get a 7900XTX that is not AMD reference design

I guess that sort of dilemma is hitting all affected customers. Thankfully my MBA card is running just fine, but I was just thinking what I'd do if it wouldn't. I got my card for a fairly decent price, I don't know how the stock and pricing situation for XTX cards is in the UK, but here in Germany prices are completely out of the roof. MBA cards selling for up to €200 over MSRP, the better custom designs like Red Devil or Nitro are being sold for sometimes more than €1400. That is if you can find some, most shops are out of stock.

Getting a new MBA card will bear the risk of getting another faulty card, at least I don't know if they already figured out all faulty batches and recalled all the bad stock. Getting a custom card right now means paying even more than I paid for my MBA. As sad as it is, the 4080 does look like a good solution, as those cards are about the same price as the XTX around here, in addition there is plenty of stock available.