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Adept II

Sapphire 7800XT Pulse : White flicker, crash (black and green screen)&reboot : RMA or driver issue ?

Hardware & drivers :

Mobo : ASRock B650M Pro RS Wifi 1.30.AS02[Beta]

CPU : Ryzen 5 7600

GPU : Sapphire 7800XT Pulse - Adrenalin v.23.10.2

PSU : Seasonic Focus GX 750W

Monitor 1 : 60hz HDMI 1080p

Monitor 2 : 165hz DP 1080p


Description (Black and green screen crash) :

New computer (1 month).

Crash happened 5 times so far.

Only on some games (or maybe this was luck and happens on any game).

  • Games without crash : Starfield (70h without a crash), Against the storm.
  • Games with random crashes : Cyberpunk (4 crashes), Foundation (1 crash).


Description (White flickering) :

While playing Starfield, regular occurence a white flicker (only on right half of the monitor). Lasts a few ms and occur ~2/3 times per hour.


Questions :

  1. Is there any hope this is a software issue and therefore does not require a RMA (have to send GPU back to seller and no idea if I will get a refund / exchange since problem only happens randomly a few times per week, only on some games).
  2. Is it possible to RMA to Sapphire directly, bypassing the seller ? Is it possible to receive new GPU before sending the faulty unit ?


Thanks !

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Adept II

Your first issue sounds like the issue seen in this thread.

You could try 2x HDMI.


Thanks for your reply.

While your solution could be used as a workaround, it's not satisfying : a 580€ gpu should work without crashing the whole computer, no matter chosen video output.

OP questions still applying.

I completely agree with you. It's driving me insane here!

Adept II

I forgot to add that RAM is 32GB DDR5 Corsair Vengeance 5600MHz CL36, with XMP profile in the bios.

I received the following reply from AMD :

For standard process of troubleshooting, I request you to follow the troubleshoot suggested below and check the issue status.
  • Use single monitor.
  • Set and keep the load optimize in BIOS to default and boot the system (To know how to load the BIOS defaults settings, you may contact the motherboard manufacturer.)
  • Update chipset driver. To update chipset driver, follow the information given below.
  • Uninstall the current chipset drivers from the control panel under programs and features and then install the latest driver.
  • Update to latest chipset driver from the link given below. For instructions, refer to article.
B650 Drivers & Support | AMD
Clean install the GPU driver to avoid any driver conflict at the end.
To clean install the GPU driver, I request you to follow the instruction given below.Driver:
  • Disconnect the internet.
  • Restart the system.
  • Use the AMD Cleanup Utility to thoroughly remove any previously installed AMD driver files, registries, and driver store.
  • Install the driver from the link given below.
AMD Radeon™ RX 7800 XT Drivers & Support | AMD
If the issue persists. Please perform the clean boot and check the issue status. Please refer the link given below.
Although the issue persists. If you have feasibility, I request you to have the backup of all the important data and clean install OS. If you notice same, please test this GPU on another known system by taking help of your friends or neighbors.
If the issue persists in the other system, then since your graphics card is manufactured by Sapphire, as it must be serviced by Sapphire if it’s within the warranty period. Please contact Sapphire support to claim you warranty service. Please refer the following link.
Thanks for contacting AMD.

I'm afraid none of this is a solution since it has been tried by many others in a similar situation without resolving the problem.

An acknowledgment of this problem by AMD is still expected to this day.

Adept II

Still no news as of 4th of November.

Adept II

What a messy chaos of a gpu : flickering, crashes, and now this new problem :

Description of a new issue :

While playing Foundation, I had weird artefacts : green pixelated blocs in some kind of horizontal line. I made a video screen capture, but the artefact didn't appear on the recording. I should have filmed it.

Adept II

2023/11/07 : Crash in Cyberpunk. Green screen and black screen. Automatic reboot. Adrenalin v.23.11.1 (about 10 hours of Cyberpunk since last crash).


I've got the same problem with lords of the fallen and whenever I do benchmark, stresstest, funmark etc..

Everytime I do a "cold boot", so whenever I turned the pc off for about 2 hours, It's 100% sure that the card will crash.

Green screen, ugly sound, reboot.

After rebooting the system it's stable and I can play for hours.

Temps are never higher than 50 degrees and crashes happen even with the card not at 100%..just randomly.


I tried to disable win11 fastboot, clean installed the drivers 1000000 time (with adrenaline and without), tried to use a fixed boost clock..nothing works. Don't know what to do honestly.

I've got a gigabyte 7800xt, a Ryzen 7 5700G and a MSI 850 (gold) PSU. So everything is in check..

Have you any clue ?

No sorry, I don't have any idea what's causing this. I'm just waiting for AMD to acknowledge this problem and tell us either to RMA or to wait for driver update.

We reached maybe 100+ reports on this form or r/amdhelp (or r/radeon).

EDIT : Oh, what critical error do you get in windows event viewer ? Mine is 41 IIRC. Also : same problem as you : crash happens in Cyberpunk after a cold boot (not systematically, but if it happens, it is after a cold boot).

People told to try 1 monitor or try 2 DP outputs, but I don't find this satisfying as a solution. I should just work.

The incredible thing is that the error is, apparently, not visible.

I had something like a certificate for AMD not found.. but nothing more.

Yesterday I found someone on reddit with our same problem on a XFX card. Someone suggested that this is a problem of faulty vrams..

He RMA the card after 2 weeks after having tried every possible solution, aside from trying the card on linux system.

So for me, I will do a last test today:

- Downgrade the drivers to the previous version

If the card still crashes I will send it back.

I'm really out of patience and hope honestly.



I spoke to a friend that is more expert in hardware than me (I'm a developer).

And he said that, if the crash happens with a "cold" graphic card, It's very probable that this is and hardware issue.

My PSU is brand new, so the problem it's not there and I made windows check the integrity of my RAM problems everything works fine. SO..


Will you RMA to Gigabyte or your seller ? I'd love to find a RMA procedure where I can receive the new card before sending the old one (I had something like that for my Iiyama monitor). My seller wants I send the gpu and wait a few weeks, this is very inconvenient. And maybe he won't be able to reproduce, so...

Please keep me updated whatever you do !


Hi Antoine,

Update: I've RMAd the card last week and they sent me a new one.

I received the card today, 2hours of gaming, same settings except for the gaming boost option on my cpu and:

- No crashes (for now)

- less noise

- higher FPS (in Lords of the fallen ultra settings at 1080 p I had 90fps MAX now I have 110fps MAX)
- Power spikes happen less frequently.


I guess the card was faulty.


I don't know if you're french but I bought the card from LDLC and when I explained them the problem, and all the tests I made, they opened a RMA process at gigabyte and gygabite allowed the replacement of the card.


But they told me, before sending the card back, that this could take from 10days to 3weeks. Luckily the problem was so severe (I think) they replaced the card straight away.


Let me know if I can help you further


PS: I had to send back the card before the could replace the card with a new one. The bug is common and they know it's a card problem, since they didn't have the time to test my card.


They just straight away changed it.


So I guess AMD is trolling customers But I have to say, without the crashes and sh*t, this card is really something cool.


Thanks for the update. Infuriating to wait 3 weeks without GPU when you spent 500€+.

Could you please send me the mail you sent to LDLC ? Will need some inspiration when requesting the RMA.


Of course:

Here's the first mail I've sent to them (to open the issue):



Depuis la réception de cette carte graphique j'ai constamment: des redémarrages du système, des "green screen", et des problèmes de performances génériques.

J'ai mis à jour mon Bios, mon système, mes drivers etc..

Rien ne fonctionne.

Est-ce qu'il serait possible de retourner cette carte et d'en avoir une autre (même modèle, marque etc..) en échange ?

<name> <surname>


They will surely ask you, before returning the card, if you could test it in another system (if possible). Then once you confirm the return everything is quite fast.

As I said, they exchanged the card right away the same day they received mine, so I think the problem is well known.

2 Days of gaming: no green screen, no crash, only the classic stuttering of lords of the fallen cause it's not optimized and every one suffers the same problems


I'm on a HDMI 60hz samsung monitor with not even double monitor