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Journeyman III

saphire nitro+ 5700xt fanspeed question

because I do not want to deal with  undervlot I want to ask something to those who have experience to answer the following question

in my 5700xt  nitro+

If I put it in automatic my temperatures are 60-66 celcius in the Core and the Juction temp is above 87 celcius  . The temps is good? for auto ?

if creates fan profile in fan tuning the themp is in above 65 celcius in the Core and the Jaction temp is above 85 but the fanspeed run more stable at 1800 to 1880 rpm it is right for fan returns to operate so steadily ????

I just ask more to make sure that the card works steadily and well so that I do not deal with temperatures and turns empirically anyone who knows please answer me if temperatures that are correct Either in the automatic Or in the Fan profile I made and Which of the two to choose

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According to this website, AMD says the Maximum Operating Temperature for the RX5700XT is 110C.  The GPU card has several thermal sensors throughout the GPU card. IF any of the sensors reaches 110C the GPU card will automatically start to throttle to keep it at 110C  or below.

So if your GPU card is running at 80 - 90 C it is well within its Maximum Operating Temperature of 110C.

Screenshot 2020-11-14 140516.png


then 90c in juction is good ? thx for reply me