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Journeyman III

S7150 Windows Guest Driver code43 error

Maybe it's too late to use a 2016's card to try to deploy MxGPU enviroment.

Hope somebody can help here. 

My Setup is described as follows:

My company has an Openstack Yoga platform,. Recently, there is a need to creat instances with GPUs. It was decided to try the AMD MxGPU solution. 

The OS of the openstak compute node is "Centos Stream 9". I have successfully installed the opensource driver for KVM, and can see all the 16 vGPUs  in console:


Then, I used openstack to creat instatnces with vGPUs. It has no problem with the instatnces to be obtain the GPU. And the Centos 7.9 instance has no problem in installing the driver:


Furthermore, with the management tool, I can see the vGPU is correctly allocated and working fine.


However, in accordance with windows instances, I has tried Windows 10, Windows 2016 and Windows 11. The driver can be installed with no error reported, and the "MxGPU" appeared in the device management tool. After rebooting, there was a yellow excalmation mark, and "code 43" error. 


I have been struggling with this problem for several days. If somebody can help, it will be deeply appreciated!

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