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Journeyman III

Ryzen Rx5500 not working

I have an rx5500 gpu and it has been working fine, i had also gotten a new motherboard, cpu, powersupply, AND case. Though i didnt have a fan for the cpu that fits the motherboard ( yes im getting one) 

I plugged everything in, the pc did turn on for a few seconds but turned off and the gpu was working. i installed the exhaust fan hoping it'd cool the cpu and ofc that isn't how that works so i had switched everything back to the old motherboard and case for now.. but now everything but my gpu is working. the fan on the gpu won't spin and no display. i tried moving it back to the old motherboard, same thing... did i kill it or are there any troubleshooting solutions i can resort to...? And yes i have dusted it off.

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